Afrojack Tomorrowland 2022 W3

Afrojack shows TikTok how he prepares his Tomorrowland set

EDM lovers were in for a treat recently when iconic Dutch DJ, Afrojack, turned to TikTok to demonstrate how he prepares his set for Tomorrowland. Known for his high-energy performances, Afrojack has been a strong force in the EDM scene for over a decade. He wears a crown for some of the most iconic songs in the community including “Ten Feet Tall” and “Take Over Control”. Now, with the power of social media, he’s giving fans an inside look at how he brings magic to one of the world’s best festivals.

TikTok, the video platform, has become a hub for artists to connect with their audiences in a new way. As part of a trend among artists, Afrojack decided to share the preparation of his Tomorrowland set on TikTok. He begins by showing everyone what would happen if a DJ just pressed buttons. It is clear that you need skill to actually blend the music together to make it sound good live. He follows that by saying there’s a lot of preparation that goes into the set. In order to make an amazing set, first he makes sure there are no conflicts with other DJs. Then he figures out what songs are popular at the moment and blends them in with some of his classics. After this, he puts them in order and starts to make mash-ups and edits of them so they sound like one long song. He states that he doesn’t do a fully live set, but loves to have fun and wants to make sure the finished product is nothing short of energetic.

As the countdown to Tomorrowland continues, fans can’t help but share their excitement across TikTok. After releasing this video, Afrojack created a ripple of anticipation for festival-goers that would soon be at the festival. Having shared this short clip with fans is a way to help them understand what truly goes into a live set. This makes the live moment that much more special for everyone. Whether you’re at Tomorrowland or watching the live stream at home, get ready to dance to the energetic music of Afrojack!

Watch the full video here.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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