Allegra discusses her music, career, and Tiësto remix of her single ‘Round & Round’: Interview

Up-and-coming singer/ songwriter Allegra is blazing an incredible path for herself as she continues to ascend the ranks of the music industry with high-profile collaborations and her incredible vocal talents. Read more about her inspirations, future plans, and the excitement of having a legend like Tiësto remix her single, Round & Round.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us an insight into the main inspirations/influences that led to your chosen career pathway in music?

I have always loved Beyonce. She is my biggest inspiration because she is such a hard worker and believes in her vision. She has touched so many people and their lives, I hope to have even a little bit of that with my fans.

Pushing boundaries and mesmerizing listeners through your music, we would like to know how your style of play came to be, as well as an overview of the message that you set out to portray through the lyrics of your tracks.

Growing up I have always listened to strong independent women and I think that has had a big influence on my style. I always love writing songs that are girls’ anthems because girls go through a lot growing up and it’s important to feel alone. We are all in it together.

Amassing millions of streams on Spotify, as well as gaining recognition from major publications, we would like to know the key to your success thus far in your career, and how rewarding the fruition of your hard work has been through your own eyes.

I think it’s having a good support system behind you. I am so lucky to have one of the greatest teams who have supported me through my career, pushing me out of my comfort zone so that I can reach for my dreams.




Image Credit: Allegra (Press)


Topping the charts with your latest release, ‘Round & Round,’ we would like to know the main thought process behind the original production, as well as the impact that it has had on your career since its release.

Round and Round is a personal track for me because it’s about not crying about that person anymore, knowing you are so much better than him, and becoming the best version of yourself. Also, I love the thought of you finally moving on but now you’re the one going round and round his head, he can’t get you out. I have had so much fun releasing this track, I could feel how important this release was when I was filming the music video. Some of my wildest dreams have come true through this release, I never imagined being on a billboard in Time Square !!! I’ve really felt the love and support on this track.

Elevating ‘Round & Round’ to even further heights, no other than legendary DJ/Producer Tiësto added his own unique spin to your song. Could you provide us with further insight on how it feels to work alongside an artist of such magnitude, as well as any lessons that you learned along the way?

I just can’t believe I’ve been able to work with someone as talented as Tiësto. He definitely put his mark on the track which I love !!! It has taught me to trust and enjoy the hard work we all put into it. I usually always rush to the envy thing but I have learned to enjoy this release, speaking to my fans and listening to what they want.

Having also worked in the past with well-renowned DJ/Producer’s such as R3HAB, Majestic, and Tobtok, we would like to know the impact that each of those artists had on your overview of music production and everything it entails, as well as any opportunities that may have arisen through those collaborations?

I always focus on the song and then I like whoever I work with like R3hab or Tiesto to put their vision on the track. It has taught me to trust the process and not become too much of a control freak haha I just like things to be perfect for my fans.


Tiesto & Allegra

Image Credit: DeVargas / Provided by Atlantic Records & Allegra (Press)


Despite the young of your age, you have been able to leave a distinct mark within the music industry. Could you give us further insight into the goals that you have set as time progresses, as well as your own thoughts on the significance of evolving your sound in accordance with the constant changes that occur within our industry?

I would love to go on tour soon for sure and meet my fans. I’m concentrating or releasing a lot more material so I’m working hard in the studio and I’m so excited.

With summer 2023 in full flow, we would like to know what the future holds for Allegra in terms of new music, an EP that is in the works, or even a full-length album that is highly anticipated by fans alike?

And EP will be coming soon and there are lots of discussions taking place so keep an eye out..




Image Credit: DeVargas / Provided by Atlantic Records & Allegra (Press)

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