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Anyma & Rebūke release highly anticipated collab ‘Syren’: Listen

Anyma and Rebūke team up to release their highly-anticipated collaboration ‘Syren,’ out now via Afterlife/Interscope Records

Anyma (Matteo Milleri), one-half of melodic techno duo Tale of Us, has called upon Irish techno producer/DJ Rebūke to deliver their new single ‘Syren.’ The record follows the release of Anyma’s ‘Welcome To The Opera’ with Grimes and will also be included in Anyma’s upcoming debut album ‘Genysis,’ which is set to be released on August 11. Catching the attention of the masses before its official release, ‘Syren’ has become a highlight moment during Anyma’s solo performance as it combines with stunning visuals to create a multi-sensory experience.  

The single opens with menacing synths followed by a hard kick that set up a dark tone for the rest of the track. As things begin to slow down, an ethereal melody takes center stage, captivating the minds of those listening before quickly building back up to the signature haunting tone of the record. The captivating combination of haunting melodies, intricate percussion and ethereal soundscapes found in ‘Syren’ create a hypnotic groove that’s impossible to resist by any human.

‘Syren’ further solidifies Anyma’s artistic brilliance as he demonstrates his ability to create innovative masterpieces derived from a unique production ethos. As the world continues to embrace this captivating collaboration, fans are now eagerly anticipating Anyma’s upcoming album, ‘Genysis.’ The album is set to feature various tracks Anyma has teased during his live performances, which include collaborations with Grimes, Cassian, Chris Avantgarde, Camelphat and more. Already the #1 selling artist in the world this year on Beatport, the release of ‘Genysis’ will only further solidify Anyma’s place in today’s dance music scene.

We’ll keep you updated when Anyma drops his new album in early August! For now, check out Anyma and Rebūke’s new single ‘Syren’ on Spotify down below or on your favorite streaming platform

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