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Armin van Buuren drops unexpected new Colyn remix of his 2008 single ‘Never Say Never’: Listen

Every now and then, Armin van Buuren revives some of his timeless classics by enlisting some of his colleagues and friends to remix them. Colyn was the lucky charm this time as he put his own spin on Armin’s 2008 single Never Say Never featuring vocals from Jacqueline Govaert.

Once in a while, Armin van Buuren revives some of his older tracks and classics, as showcased by his release of the Lost Tapes compilation back in the pandemic year of 2020. The compilation was graced by amazing remixes for some of his biggest hits including This Is What It Feels Like, In And Out Of Love, Communication, and much more. His 2008 single Never Say Never was his next target for the 2023 edition, and none other than Colyn accepted the challenge, delivering a relaxing rendition of Armin’s energetic trance single.

One thing that certainly didn’t need a rehaul is Jacqueline Govaert’s breathtaking performance. Colyn successfully reshaped the original around her vocals and churned out a melodic techno version that is set to blaze the stages alight around the globe. The careful chord progression during Jacqueline’s chorus and a more minimalistic melody are the standout elements of this remix, showcasing the many talents of Colyn’s signature production style all while maintaining an emotional feel of the Armin van Buuren original.

It is still remarkable how much Armin van Buuren pushes himself to work, release more music, and deliver show-stopping performances. After his huge A State Of Trance event in London at the start of July, Armin is gearing up for the second Tomorrowland weekend of 2023. He’ll be playing on the 29th and 30th of June on the mainstage and Freedom stage respectively. Among those 2 shows, he’ll also be playing some esteemed festivals such as Untold in Romania, Big Slap in Malmö, Sweden, and Creamfields in the United Kingdom.

As for Colyn, the Never Say Never remix is his first release of 2023 after his successful 2022 in which he also remixed Armin van Buuren’s Hollow with AVIRA and Be No Rain. Following the remix were releases on CercleAfterlife, and remixes for artists such as Coloray and Editors. His summer tour consists of many exciting shows including a show at the Afterlife stage at Tomorrowland, Zürich’s Street Parade, and many more.

Image Credit: Bart Heemskerk / / Provided by Armada PR

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