ARTBAT invite you into their futuristic dimension with ‘Artefact’: Listen

Artefact‘ is one of the extracts from ‘Cyberpunk SELECTED‘, the fourth VA collection from UPPERGROUND.

ARTBAT are one of the names painting the New Music Friday in strong colours. Since the Ukrainian duo ARTBAT launched their label UPPERGROUND, their commitment has been to effectively take music to higher ground. Pushing the boundaries of electronic music is one of the mottos of this renowned label in the melodic techno circuit. To do this, you have to explore, look to the future and not be afraid to take risks. For UPPERGROUNG’s fourth compilation of various artists, the label explores cutting-edge sounds. ‘Cyberpunk SELECTED’, out now, brings together a squad of heavyweight artists who gravitate towards the label’s sound. The compilation features Shall Ocin, Fred Lenix, Citizen Kain, and ARTBAT themselves.

On their own behalf, the duo participates in this VA with a beautiful specimen. ‘Artefact’ is the embodiment of a dichotomy through its title. Although the name refers to a man-made object of historical interest, namely the footprints of past humanity, this work by ARTBAT is in fact entirely future-oriented.

In ARTBAT’s style, ‘Artefact’ is an interesting and dense sonic journey. The bass dominates behind the curtain and fills the room immediately. The pulsating rhythm sets the pace, while the metallic synths remind us that this track is from the future. artefact’ is a jungle of meticulously layered sounds that captivates with its sharp, clean, raw and extremely industrial sounds. It’s a very compelling and different track from anything else being made in this space and represents an important piece of ‘Cyberpunk SELECTED. Get on this spaceship and let ARTBAT take you into its creative, futuristic world. You won’t regret it. Listen to ‘Artefact’ below:


Image Credit: Press / Provided by The Media Nanny