ARTBAT: From underground to UPPERGROUND: Interview

Incredible duo ARTBAT are more than just representatives for the underground, they are leading the scene. Building themselves from the ground up to where they are now, they are one of the most inspiring duos around with a signature style that encapsulates a truly unique vibe. With this style they have gone on to do incredible things, and one of those things happens to be starting up a label. We wanted to know all about this and more, so we sat down with ARTBAT – our latest cover stars – for a very interesting talk. 

First of all, thank you guys for joining us! The success of ARTBAT has been truly monumental and the name has grown to all corners of the world over the past years? What do you think of this incredible success?

We’re honoured – thank you. It’s been really terrific. It all started with a dream to represent our country, Ukraine, in the dance music world, and here we are. Of course it makes us super proud and we can’t thank everyone enough for the massive support and love we have received since our first ever release. One thing is for sure, this is only the beginning. To be honest, it’s the most interesting and challenging journey we’ve had. It makes us feel alive, inspired and happy.

This success has certainly brought some epic moments for the two of you. What has been your favourite thing that you both have gotten to experience so far in your career?

That’s a difficult one to answer, because there have been so many beautiful moments and scenes around the world. To play atop of the iconic Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro for Cercle was definitely one for the books. Everything played out so well – the sunset, the views, the people, the climate. Really everything was on point and unforgettable. But really the most precious is touring as best friends and enjoying living all these moments together. It wouldn’t be half as fun alone.

Speaking of your career, you are bringing it to new heights with you guys now being able to add label heads to your resume. Congratulations on this! Why did you decide to start the UPPERGROUND label and how did you decide that now was the right time?

The two main factors were that firstly, we already released on our two favourite labels with Diynamic Music and Afterlife. It was a big wish and dream to be part of their community. Luckily we had the opportunity, and not only once. And the other main part is that during the pandemic we had time to work on new music and could stick our heads deep in the studio. We were searching and working on new ideas daily. Now we feel like we have the right tracks to be presented on our own label. Especially after a worldwide lockdown, we want to start and kick off with something fresh and new. It feels like the right time to do so. It’s time to fill life again with colours, bright emotions and new feelings. The name for the label is all-encompassing, it includes several concepts with which we want to associate emotions and feelings that music carries – flight, dream, energy, musical journey without touching the earth. Also a hint of a mix of underground and spiritual uplift.


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