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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is one of the most famous topics in history, and right after it comes the question about the advent of techno. There is a lot of disagreement about the year this genre was born, the country where it started and who the pioneers were. The search for these answers has initiated

The last two years have seen a real revolution in livestreams, much of it driven by the changes injected by the pandemic. But just when you thought you had seen it all when it comes to live performances, one of the most prominent Israeli electronic music exports offers you something new. MR.BLACK is a reference in his style but also

A star who is certainly on the rise, Marc Baz is a French artist based in Dubai with more than a decade of carefully crafted experience. A wizard behind the decks and in the studio, he has enjoyed international recognition being signed to major worldwide labels, which in turn has earned him a fanbase that continues to grow quickly in

Like it or not, the somewhat addictive social media platform TikTok is fast taking over the music industry, becoming a hot hub for music discovery and even making stars from the app itself. From turning their TikTok success into major record label deals to making globally renowned stars out of previously unheard of artists, it is doing a lot for

Not only is electronic music prevalent in the music industry, on the radio and in television, it is highly present in the film industry. Over the years, we’ve been treated to many iconic film soundtracks by the hands of some of our favourite electronic artists - some that may not be widely known to many people - and we’re diving