The endless dance of Vintage Culture [Magazine Exclusive]

Lukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol is better known as Vintage Culture, one of the most acclaimed Brazilian musical exports today. Born and raised in Mundo Novo, which translates as ‘new world’, Vintage Culture has travelled all over the globe bringing with him his music, his good vibes and his extended and unmissable DJ sets.

Despite growing up in a small and dangerous place, he never lost the ability to dream and the courage to create, carrying contagious humility and an exemplary work ethic. Vintage Culture belongs to Brazil, his mother, his sister and his dog, but today he also belongs undeniably to the world and each one of his loyal fans. In the studio he is unstoppable and behind the decks he is tireless. So far his career has been simply brilliant, being one of the biggest-selling artists of 2022. What’s it been like to get here and what does 2023 hold for him? That’s what We Rave You wanted to know and now shares it with you in this December issue.

Hi Lukas and thanks for taking a moment out of your crazy schedule to recap your year with us. 2022 marks the year in which for the first time you’ve spent more time outside than inside Brazil. What has it been like living at such a frenetic pace?

This is something I’ve worked at everyday for over 10 years. I had expectations when the momentum started to pick up but 2022 surpassed my hopes. Because my team and I worked so hard over the years, I appreciated each minute. It was a great surprise to arrive in countries where I’d never been before and have the audience know my songs and sing along at the shows. I felt instantly welcome and at ease. I have to admit, at the beginning of the year I missed home but establishing some kind of routine between recording and touring helped me stay centred. I work with the same team for several years now. They keep me focused and give me a sense of familiarity when all of my surroundings are completely new.

At home, in Brazil, you always have your mother, sister and dog waiting for you. Are they your secret to always keeping your feet on the ground?

Being close to my family is essential to my career. They keep me humble and remind me of what is important in life. Out of home, I’m Vintage Culture. But with my family, I’m just Lukas, the son and the big brother. And of course, there’s my dog, my Corgi Bentinho. He came into my life before the lockdown and I think I would have gone mad without him. The love and joy he provided are immeasurable. Pet lovers will understand what I mean. We can’t underestimate the peace our pets bring into our lives when the world around us is so tumultuous.

ULTRA, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, EDC, there were a few big festivals that didn’t have your name on the lineup. Some of these festival appearances were firsts for you. Which was the most anticipated and which was the most remarkable?

Each of the festivals you mentioned had a different vibe and theme. Each was unique in its own way. Playing with Claptone at Ultra was remarkable. Burning Man is a world unto itself. And of course, the size and scope of Tomorrowland and EDC are breathtaking. I have to give credit to the organisers of these events. 


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Image Credit: Fabrizio Pepe / Provided by Armada PR