Pretty Pink

The digital nature of Pretty Pink [Magazine Exclusive]

You can let the album take you by the hand and pull you through the day and night.” said Pretty Pink when asked about ‘Born Digital‘.

The name Pretty Pink was chosen among friends inspired by the fact that the German artist wore a lot of pink at the time. If it felt like the innocent start of an almost accidental musical journey fifteen years ago, today Pretty Pink’s career is solid and vibrant, just like her music.  It all started with her exciting edits of various tracks, which rocketed her to the forefront of the dance world. Now, it’s time for Pretty Pink to tell her story with the release of her first studio album ‘Born Digital‘. A digital birth in the midst of Harz’s beautiful woodland. A background in athletics, her record labels, her debut album and stepping onto the world’s biggest stages. For its April issue, We Rave You spoke to Pretty Pink for an interesting review of her career and what inspires her to be a force of nature in the realm of melodic techno.


Hi Pretty Pink and thank you for taking a moment out of touring to talk to us.


First and foremost, congratulations on the release of your debut album ‘Born Digital’. What does it feel like to share your first long player with the rest of the world?

“It actually feels very positive. A major part of the album was written during the recent pandemic. I used the time that was freed up, which I didn’t spend on tour as usual, in the studio. The result is ‘Born Digital’. Over the past few months, I’ve been testing out many of the tracks at my gigs, such as Tomorrowland Winter and EDC Mexico, and have been very pleased with the great response from fans. Some of you may know one or two of the previously released singles from my radio show Deep Woods.”


Before we get back to ‘Born Digital’, let’s go back to your days as an athlete. How did you make the transition from being a long-distance runner to one of today’s most successful deep melodic artists?

“In fact, I was a high-performance athlete for many years and loved the thrill of being a track and field athlete. The training and the challenge of always reaching new and higher goals have defined my day. But then I suffered a terrible knee injury one day. From that point on, it was evident that I would no longer be able to perform as well as I had previously, and I would have to withdraw from this high-performance sport.”


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Image Credit: Marina Schneider-Moog