Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha releases dark new tour single ‘You Can Forever Be’: Listen

Boris Brejcha continues his brilliance as he teams up with friends Deniz Bul, Moritz Hofbauer, Kevin Kaczynski and Denise for a uniquely created single, ‘You Can Forever Be.’

Boris Brejcha has delivered exceptional tracks all year long, but none might have the story that his latest release, ‘You Can Forever Be,’ does. Created in the middle of the bus tour between stops as a collaborative project with Deniz Bul, Moritz Hofbauer, Kevin Kaczynski and Denise, Boris Brejcha continues his record of releasing mind-bending tracks as this one might be the coolest one created so far. With a full-on techno immersion, this track will be a dream for those who are fans of the genre.

‘You Can Forever Be’ presents a dark, dirty and mysterious tone throughout its six-minute duration. The song begins with a heavy kick, followed by a mix of incredibly clean hi-hats as it continues to build tension. About 90 seconds in, you are finally met with the highlighting element of the track, and that is the dark and mysterious synths that give the song its identity. As Denise’s voice gets put in a loop, the synths begin to go up and down in pitch, which introduces what will be the driving melody for the rest of the song. As the drop comes, the same elements are paired with a powerful bass line that you can feel deep in your chest. The power rages through until the end of the track when each element begins to drop out, leaving you exactly where you started you began.

Boris Brejcha’s legend shines through again as he provides one of the more interesting techno tracks of the year. It will be exciting to see how ‘You Can Forever Be’ plays out live over the rest of the year. It will be no surprise if techno lovers embrace this track immediately.

Stream ‘You Can Forever Be’ from Boris Brejcha, Deniz Bul, Moritz Hofbauer, Kevin Kaczynski and Denise via Fcking Serious below.

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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