Carl Cox

Carl Cox drops ‘Music is Life’ alongside Bushwacka!: Listen

Carl Cox’s new track features the vocal stylings of Chuck Roberts throwing down with some beatboxing entwined with matching drums to boost the atmosphere and give a fist-pumping dance track to get down to.

Only 2 months after Carl Cox astounded fans around the globe with his legendary performance in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Tech House maestro returns. Despite not attending this year’s Tomorrowland Belgium, Carl Cox still brought the heat to the EDM scene during the time of the festival. With his signature rapid-fire style drum beat, his new House track brings energy to any dance floor. With unrivaled chaotic energy and heavy-hitting drums, the new track pushes fans to dance and jump, or at the very least forces listens to bob along to such a powerful beat.

The track was dropped quietly, having only Chuck Roberts announcing the forthcoming track on Twitter 3 days prior. Yet, the track itself didn’t require much pushing as the music spoke for itself. Giving fans a drumline that thrummed to the rhythm of any dancer’s heart. The track pushes its narrative that, much like the track states, music is life. With a sturdy beat straight from the outset, it pushes fans in with a bass line reminiscent of the pounding basses one would feel waiting in line at the club with anticipation towards getting in. The smooth, rhythmic melody transports listeners through the lobby until they are abruptly met with a wall of bass and sound that immediately changes the entire atmosphere of the song. The beatboxing prepares the listener for the chaotic energy they are about to experience with drums that quickly come to match beat-for-beat with the style of Chuck Roberts.

Carl Cox can currently be found touring Europe with his next performance taking place in Italy on August 4th. Bushwacka! can be seen in Ibiza where he will be hosting a Pike’s House Party on August 12th.

Image Credit: Dan Reid / Provided by Eureka Artists