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Deborah de Luca delivers massive rework of ‘Fuori’: Listen

Deborah de Luca needs no formal introduction. After releasing her original single ‘Fuori’ roughly two years ago, Deborah de Luca is back to deliver a massive rework of the tune which includes her very own vocals. Be ready to be taken on an energetic journey by the legend herself.

Globally recognized for her distinctive sound which has been blessed across the globe, Deborah de Luca is the one we trust to take us on an electrifying journey through the beauty of techno. Mastering her craft with those hard-techno signatures and grooves which are apparent in her releases such as ‘Don’t Stop,’ Deborah de Luca is back as she reworked her massive tune ‘Fuori’ which includes her very own voice. Sharing on her socials regarding the highly-anticipated rework, the legend shares:

“A sad message sent to a person in a moment of great pain (few years ago) taken up and put in this song, because a flower can be born from the desert”

“Ero sul pavimento quello fuori più delle altre persone io ascoltavo le tue parole io cadevo toccare il fondo fisicamente non ce la facevo sempre più giù”

As those aggressive basslines and seducing vocals become apparent, Deborah de Luca is about to invite us into her world of ever-evolving sound with the rework of ‘Fuori.’ Firing up the dancefloor no matter what time of the day it is, the legend brings out the energy as hard-hitting drumlines take over. With loads of frequencies and alarming instrumentals taking over, this one is about to be played on repeat all summer. Warehouse parties, festivals, underground events, you name it and this one is an immediate crowd pleasure.

Be sure to listen to the rework of ‘Fuori’ from Deborah de Luca below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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