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DIESEL & Crankdat tap Monstercat label to bring all of the ‘HEAT’ during festival season

After releasing his destructive collaboration with Hairitage for “BANG YOUR HEAD” via Monstercat last month, DIESEL is in full force this summer as he continues to push his signature ever-evolving, yet energetic sound forward. Fueling the fire for festival season as he continues his “SUMMER OF BASS” Tour, DIESEL has called upon Crankdat to bring all of the “HEAT” right to your doorstep. Releasing on the iconic Canadian label known as Monstercat, DIESEL is providing a taste of his highly-anticipated album with the release of his second single.

Calling upon all those dubstep enthusiasts for this one, the legend DIESEL has been in full force this summer both on and off the stage. After releasing his destructive collaboration with Hairitage for “BANG YOUR HEAD” via Monstercat, DIESEL is back once again to provide his global fan base a little taste of his medicine. Revealing his second single off of his highly anticipated album, DIESEL has called upon Crankdat to bring all of the “HEAT” this festival season. With the unveiling of two monstrous collaborative singles now, fans can expect the rest of the album to be full of destruction and populated with DIESEL’s favorite bass DJs.

With bass-induced madness and DIESEL’s classic vocals which pump up his listeners right right from the start, DIESEL and Crankdat are a true force to not take lightly. As sirens sound off along with mechanical synths and powerful instrumentals, DIESEL and Crankdat invite all dubstep enthusiasts to ride the rail. Forming a friendship that dates back nearly five years, Crankdat played a significant role in the evolution of DIESEL; from creating original music together to helping DIESEL curate his sets with all new edits and records, their long-time kinship is genuine and inspirational. As DIESEL shares:

“Christian is one of those artists that make your head turn every time you hear their music. The man is a monster in the studio and I have learned a lot from him.
Working together on ‘HEAT’ was special. Releasing our record as a single and on my album with Monstercat just made sense and we’re pumped to finally get it out in the world.”

Listen to the collaboration from DIESEL and Crankdat below.

Photo Credits: Stephen Bondio for Insomniac Events

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