Disclosure drops fourth studio album ‘Alchemy’: Listen

Alchemy, the fourth album by Disclosure, is a captivating and wonderfully eccentric musical journey that showcases the duo’s distinctive deep house sound.

Throughout the album, the brothers skillfully blend their signature style with a more club-focused edge, resulting in a collection of tracks that are not only infectious but also emotionally charged.

What sets Alchemy apart is not only its irresistible sound but also its independent release via Disclosure’s own Apollo Records imprint. With no guest features or samples, the album exudes a sense of liberation and creative freedom. This moment is significant for the influential dance music tandem, who recently made the decision to part ways with Capitol Records.

According to Guy Lawrence of Disclosure, “This record is a celebration of us feeling liberated right now.” The absence of a major record label and the decision not to tour the album allowed the duo to explore their creative boundaries without constraints. The result is an album that feels unshackled and true to the duo’s artistic vision.

Alchemy starts with the captivating song “Looking For Love” which has beautiful melodies and synth sounds. “Talk On The Phone” is another catchy track with a dynamic and colorful vibe like Daft Punk. As the album continues, it reaches its climax with “Higher Than Ever Before.” This song combines smooth lounge funk with energetic breakbeats, giving a powerful and uplifting feeling. It, along with the other songs on Alchemy, celebrates resilience and shows how pain can be transformed into something positive and beautiful.

Howard Lawrence of Disclosure reflects on the album, saying, “There was this combination of deep heartbreak and sadness, but also deep admiration and appreciation. Let’s turn this horrible feeling into something beautiful. The whole idea was to channel pain into beauty, which, in hindsight, is always the aim.”

Alchemy is a testament to the growth and artistic vision of Disclosure. It’s an invitation to dive into their music and experience their unique sound. Whether you’re a fan or new to their music, Alchemy will leave you feeling inspired and wanting more.

You can listen to Alchemy below as well as various other streaming platforms here.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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