Ferreck Dawn Press 2022 by WillekeMachiels

Ferreck Dawn joins our Hot & Current to talk about Defected and upcoming collaborations: Exclusive

About dream collaborations, Ferreck Dawn says “I’d love to work with old-school R&B singers and producers”.

Ferreck Coppens, better known as Ferreck Dawn, has been mastering the art of dance music for almost 20 years. That time has given him the experience and breadth to perfect his mastery to the point where he is now one of the most relevant players in his circuit. A fan of a more visceral style of music, Ferreck focuses on giving his audience fuel to dance. His signature sound is now globally recognised and appreciated, which has led him to the biggest festivals and clubs.

A famous face of the Defected family, Ferreck Dawn is no stranger to other renowned labels and Beatport podium spots. Fereck sat down in our hot seat to tell us about his latest releases and future ones, not to mention his summer in Ibiza. This is our new Hot & Current.


Hi Ferreck and thank you for joining us on this Hot & Current. It’s been more than a month since ‘Better‘ came out, but the groove is still in our ears. Tell us a bit about the making of this track and the collaboration with Jena.

I got sent the vocal from Jena, I absolutely loved it and started working on it right away. The vocal has such a cool emotion, I feel it fits the backing track perfectly.

Looking at your repertoire, it’s safe to say that you like collaborations. What fascinates you most about sharing the production process?

I just enjoy the process a lot more that way. Being a DJ and producer can be pretty lonely. Travelling by yourself every week, studio time by yourself. I enjoy the interaction and back and forth of a collaboration a lot more than just doing it all by myself.

What collaborations are on your wishlist?

I’d love to work with old-school R&B singers and producers like D’Angelo, Maxwell, Pharrell and Darkchild.

EDC Las Vegas, Extrema, Free Your Mind, Hideout, … you’ve been to a lot of festivals in the last two months. Can you highlight one experience that has had a particular impact on you?

I absolutely loved EDC Las Vegas, what a festival! Amazing to experience, so impressive. Also really loved the other festivals you mentioned, Extrema Belgium is always amazing, definitely one of the best festivals in Europe and I had the honour of closing the Defected stage this year. My debut at Hideout was exactly what I expected, great!

You joined the Defected family about 6 years ago and you’ve been a regular member ever since. How has your journey with the label been?

It’s been amazing, super happy to be part of the family. The label is by far the biggest house label in the world, they are so good at working records. The events all around the world are superb as well, always have a great vibe and I love the staff, super professional. It’s been great and hope to continue for a long time.

Your summer inevitably includes Ibiza, not only at Eden with Defected but also at Pacha with Masquerade. What’s the vibe of the island like this year?

I’m loving it this year, but to be fair Ibiza is always great. The shows so far have been super cool, both at Eden and Hï. Looking forward to my Ushuaïa debut in 2 weeks and to the other shows at Pacha as well.

In August, you’ll be at the Defected pre-party at Café Mambo. How important is it to keep this tradition going at this iconic venue?

I love playing at Mambo, always a cool vibe. The venue is iconic indeed, perfect for a sunset and a little pre-club dance to warm up.

Your productions have crossed many genres, from underground to mainstream. Is it a challenge to make the music you love in such a commercial industry?

The music industry is challenging but after  18 years of music production I feel I found my ‘sound’. I do like to vary and mix it up a bit of course but I just focus on what I think is cool and makes me happy instead of focusing too much on what’s super current and popular at the moment.

Vocals are always a key element in your productions. Are they your inspiration?

100%. I love to start with the topline and base the backing track on that instead of the other way around. I either do sessions, get toplines sent to or look for samples but definitely vocals are the foundation of my tracks.

What surprises do you have in store for your fans in the coming months?

I have a lot of cool music coming, a collaboration with MEDUZA, a follow-up collaboration with Catz ‘n Dogz and new tracks with Jem Cooke and Maverick Sabre amongst others. Next to music, the touring schedule is looking great with shows in Asia, the US, South America and Europe.

Finally, for you, what’s Hot & Current in the scene right now?

It’s not exactly new but I’m just really impressed by Fred Again.., I love the emotion in his music and his energy on stage. To me, he’s a very fresh breath of air in electronic music and I really enjoy it.


Power drums, emotional piano tabs and deep vocals. The temperature rises in this Hot & Current with the amazing guest mix that Ferreck Dawn prepared exclusively for We Rave You. Enjoy!



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