Forestland Croatia

Forestland prepares to return to Croatia for 11th edition of the event

Since its inaugural event in 2013, Forestland has been a staple of the European Festival circuit, delivering some of the world’s best electronic dance music to the stage in Croatia. Now the annual event is about to showcase the eleventh edition of the festival and will feature an incredible collection of talent and entertainment for fans who will be attending.

Slated as a premier event featuring some of the world’s best talent on the stages with a backdrop of incredible stage design and lush, forestry landscape, Forestland provides fans with a unique experience that engages all the senses. Discussing the upcoming edition of the event, festival manager Kreso Biskup discusses the unique talent that will be on display all weekend:

“This summer we’re hosting yet another huge group of artists of all backgrounds. First off, a huge shout out to local support, we’ve got best of Croatia and the region, huge support in Slovenia, the best of techno, house and even edm, and we’ve got the best of hip hop, trap and rap coming for the first time in these parts.

Biskup continues on, discussing the evolution of the line-up, genres, and styles that event organizers opted to bring on in recent years and how that helped shape this year’s line-up:

“First live acts we hosted were in 2019 and they were huge from the start. It’s just natural to evolve as a Festival to include different genres. We are welcoming macedonian electro, d’n’b, master Djaikovski who was among the first to play etno tunes, MR.BLACK is coming from Israel on the wings of playing at Ultra Europe, biggest European clubs and is coming to Croatia straight from London’s Ministry of Sound! Ramiro Lopez is a well known Ibiza DJ and Tai Woffinden is a five time motorcyclist world champion coming from UK and Australia!“

Taking place July 21st through the 23rd, fans should secure their passes to the 2023 edition of Forestland today.


Image Credit: Forestland

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