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Fred Again.. reveals the source of the bass sound in ‘Jungle’

Fred Again.. has been on a dizzying career trajectory over the last year and a half, having delivered one of the most explosive Boiler Room sets in recent memory before taking over New York City for a full week in February of this year alongside his buddies Four Tet and Skrillex. While his own productions often rely on atmospheric layers and emotional lyrics, the English producer also knows how to mix in some truly heavy bass elements into his work.

Sharing production credits alongside Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia has allowed Fred Again.. to continuously blur the lines between genres and delivery a wide variety of sounds and styles in his own releases. Singles such as Rumble and Turn On The Lights again.. have certainly helped him further hone his own works and give context to the solo release, Jungle. First released in the summer of 2022, the track followed shortly after that Boiler Room set and fully delivered upon the energy and hard-hitting run of tracks that made that set one of the most watched performances of the year. Now Fred Again.. has revealed the unlikely inspiration for the bass sound that helped define Jungle, a shoddy cable connection that he recorded to his iPhone.

In a recent post to his TikTok account, Fred Again.. reveals how tinkering with the cable while plugged into the voice memos app on his phone created this unique sonic feedback that the producer then utilized for the track. The short clip shows the recording sitting in the session as he discusses his own interest and affinity for the sample and how it seemed to fit perfectly within the single. Jungle is part of his album USB and a staple of Fred Again..’s live shows, and certainly, a great reminder that inspiration and samples can come from the most unlikely of sources.

Image Credit: Fred again.. (Press) / Provided by Warner Music Group

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