House Music Essentials Vol. 17 featuring SAYMYNITTI, TØNY, Tony H & more

As we are all enjoying the festival season, We Rave You is excited to present our seventeenth edition of House Music Essentials featuring no other than SAYMYNITTI, TØNY, Tony H, TWO LANES, Elae Weekes, Bleu Clair, John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio, Sinead McCarthy, Janika, N2N, LEFTI, Orang Utan, West Rose, and Mark Daisy

There is no denying festival season has been absolutely amazing as many of us have taken of iconic festivals, shows, and events across the globe. Just in time to update your playlists over the summer, We Rave You is excited to present our seventeenth edition of House Music Essentials featuring world-class artists SAYMYNITTI, TØNY, Tony H, TWO LANES, Elae Weekes, Bleu Clair, John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio, Sinead McCarthy, Janika, N2N, LEFTI, Orang Utan, West Rose, and Mark Daisy. Check out the massive new tunes from these artists below.


Dance music pioneers SAYMYNITTI, a dynamic collaboration between NITTI and SAYMYNAME, are set to reintroduce the exhilarating charm of 90s and early 2000s rave culture with their latest single, “Love Like This,” through Hush Money Records. SAYMYNITTI, rooted in Los Angeles, brings a distinctive style that amalgamates old-school trance, high-octane techno, and resonant vocals from the accomplished Bella Renee. Their new track, “Love Like This,” promises to inject euphoric energy into festivals globally. SAYMYNITTI made their impactful debut in 2022 with “BING BONG!” via HARD Recs. They have embarked on a mission to fuse 90s and early 2000s rave culture with contemporary production, producing vocal-driven music that is set to leave its mark on the EDM scene. With their massive tour already underway, SAYMYNITTI is poised to captivate audiences across the globe, promising a steady stream of hits following “Love Like This.”

TØNY  – “Hollywood” 

Antonia Elisabeth Groh, born January 24th in Vienna, Austria, known professionally as TØNY, is an Austrian pop singer. After gaining attention from self-released music on social media platforms, for her release ‘Dangerous Liaison’ and ‘Sorbet’, she released her latest EP. TØNY has regularly featured on Austria’s Hitradio Ö3 and garnered over 1M streams on all streaming platforms with 600 thousand on Spotify alone. Inspired by Korean smash pop songwriting mixed with her European knowledge of melody TØNY brings an incredible combo to the music stage.  Produced by renowned producer Jan Eric, Hollywood is a lush electronic pop anthem featuring catchy melodies, smooth hooks, and a clean radio-friendly production. Speaking of the drama of a pestering lover, ‘Hollywood’ aims to cheekily play attention to the unnecessary drama of relationships just like the drama of a Hollywood movie.

Tony H  – “Money On The Flo” EP

Seattle-based DJ and producer Tony H continues to be one of the most exciting breakthrough artists in the house music scene. Still riding high off of buzzworthy performances at Coachella and Miami Music Week, along with his ‘Pulse It EP’ via Farris Wheel, he’s back with yet another sizzling EP ‘Money On The Flo’ – signed to Golf Clap’s Country Club Disco. The title track, “Money On The Flo,” is a tour de force of Tony H’s signature style. It unleashes a sonic assault that merges deep grooves with pulsating energy. The track embodies the essence of Tony H’s sound between a rumbling bass and trippy vocal samples, giving this full confidence of being a peak-time hit at the club. Adding to the EP’s allure is the infectious “Mick Swagger.” With its thumping bass and meticulously crafted percussion, this track exemplifies Tony H’s ability to dip into the acid house realm and strike perfection.

TWO LANES   – “Duality” 
Electronic music duo TWO LANES has unveiled their breathtaking new album, Duality. Known for their introspective and immersive sound design, they’ve spent time teasing singles from this album in the last several weeks, stirring a hunger amongst their listenership. When performed live, the audience’s reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The album, Duality, basks in the ambience of chill electronic and melodic techno,, reflective yet profound. It highlights the duo’s flair for intricate composition and profound emotion, further proven by tracks like “Realization,” a stirring piece marked by a dramatic, moving piano intro that paves the way for deep introspection. “Elements” masterfully melds arpeggio effects, rudimental percussion, and minor chord integrations, while “Healing” seamlessly blends light vocal chops and seductive horn effects, maintaining a soothing, chill vibe. “Organism” showcases the duo’s adeptness at creating subtly changing sonic landscapes, with its slowed tempo and all-instrumental design. These are just a few of the many new sounds revealed through Duality, which boast a total of 12 works on all.

Elae Weekes Ft. Michael Fiya   – “Sometimes” 
Elae Weekes and Michael Fiya have teamed up to create the sedating single “Sometimes.” This genre-blending gem seamlessly combines elements of hip-hop, pop, and R&B, offering a captivating experience that resonates with listeners from all walks of life. With a meaningful message woven into an irresistible sound, this dynamic duo showcases their unique talents, delivering a track that is undeniably cool and effortlessly catchy. Let the rhythm of “Sometimes” take you on a remarkable journey you won’t soon forget. “Sometimes” is an uplifting song that showcases the collaborative talents of Elae Weekes, a Boston artist, and Michael Fiya, a New York artist. The house-inspired pop beat was skillfully produced by Jaylotus.gtk from London, UK. This track blends their distinct styles, incorporating real-life stories of personal growth and overcoming challenges to inspire a brighter future.

Bleu Clair  – “In My Mind”

Bleu Clair, the innovative and dynamic producer in the tech house scene, is set to mesmerize listeners once again with his upcoming track “In My Mind.” This highly anticipated song promises to be a euphoric journey, pulsating with infectious energy that will ignite dancefloors worldwide. Bleu Clair’s signature style effortlessly fuses elements of tech house with captivating melodies, ensuring it will blow listeners away who are a fan of the artist and the genre. Known for pushing boundaries and evolving his sound, Bleu Clair remains at the forefront of the genre, consistently delivering cutting-edge productions that push the limits of creativity. “In My Mind” is poised to be another testament to his unparalleled talent, showcasing his ability to craft infectious grooves and anthemic hooks that will undoubtedly resonate with fans of tech house and beyond. Get ready to lose yourself and become immersed in the captivating sonic world of Bleu Clair, as he continues to cement his status as a true trailblazer in the industry.

John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio & Sinead McCarthy – “Reality”
Prepare yourself for an unparalleled trance experience as the highly anticipated track “Reality” by John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio, and Sinéad McCarthy is finally released. John O’Callaghan, the renowned Irish musician and DJ, brings his exceptional talent and diverse production styles to this electrifying composition. Sinéad McCarthy, a multi-talented artist known for her empowering vocals and fearless approach to music, adds a captivating dimension to the track. Tom Colontonio, a seasoned musician with a passion for trance, contributes his unique style and unwavering dedication. “Reality” is a sonic journey that pushes the genre to its edge, combining hard-hitting melodies, evocative lyrics, and fast-paced beats together as one. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of “Reality” on June 16th, as these talents unleash their collective brilliance upon the world.

Janika, N2N, LEFTI – “411”

“411” is a catchy, groovy, and clever collaboration between Janika, N2N, and LEFTI. Together, they merge their unique production styles to create a track that is dance floor ready and captures the best parts of their style all in one single, a feat much harder than it sounds. A house single at its core, the song draws inspiration from the realms of tech house and disco, resulting in a fusion of club-ready sounds. Notably, Murphy, featured on the vocals, adds a sophisticated element to the composition. With each passing moment, the track gradually builds its energy, crafting an immersive and captivating moment for those who experience. What makes this collaboration even more remarkable is the deep friendship shared among the artists. Their close bond infuses the project with meaning and authenticity, transforming it into a heartfelt expression of their connection. From the first beat to the last, “411” takes you on a dynamic journey, filled with irresistible rhythms and a sense of joyous camaraderie. Prepare to dance and lose yourself in the delightful melodies crafted by these talented collaborators.

Orang Utan, West Rose – “Summer Simmer”

Continuing their fast-paced rise within the global electronic music scene, DJ/producer duo known as Orang Utan is poised to release a colorful, sun-kissed single fusing the best parts of multiple popular genres. “Summer Simmer” is a creative collaboration with indie-pop artist West Rose. This highly anticipated single, characterized by an innovative mix of new-wave pop and dance music is released on well-established Position Music label. “Summer Simmer” epitomizes the carefree, breezy energy that summer is all about, evoking the nostalgia of a dreamy sun-kissed day balanced by the cool tranquility of twilight. It serves as an audible chronicle of a coming-of-age journey, with an upbeat rhythm and catchy melodies that encapsulate the very essence of the season. Pulling together influences from the genres of house, new wave, pop, and electronic, “Summer Simmer” is truly in a lane of its own thanks to the talents of Orang Utan and West Rose.

LEFTI – “Walk The Walk”

LEFTI, the NYC-based house maestro, has graced us with yet another intoxicatingly groovy single, “Walk The Walk.” Having garnered acclaim for his previous house gem, “411,” LEFTI continues to pay tribute to the golden era of house with his pulsating, high-energy rhythms. The new track is an ebullient cascade of classic house vibes, underscored by a pulsating bassline that incites nostalgia for the dancefloor. It encapsulates LEFTI’s knack for producing top-tier classic house and disco tracks, vibrating with a kinetic energy that’s infectious. Alex Suarez, a Brooklyn-based producer, instrumentalist, and former touring musician, injects vibrant energy into the House scene as LEFTI. His pulsating remixes and originals have made waves, encapsulating a funky, soulful vibe that’s entirely his own. Founder of Quincy Boy Records, LEFTI cultivates a distinct blend of groovy house music. His works have been signed to other labels as well, including Toolroom, Love & Other, and Perfect Havoc. Collaborating on projects with majors like Atlantic and Universal, his remixes resonate with both fresh and established audiences.

Mark Daisy– “Runaway”

Discover the debut of dance artist Mark Daisy with his album Daisyland and its first release, “Runaway.” Step into a world of vibrant melodies and introspective sound design collide, captivating listeners with a vibe not quite like anyone else. “Runaway” invites you on a transcendent journey, propelled by the bubble-powered Daisy-Mobile, as you delve into the secrets of this vibrant realm. Immerse yourself in the first taste of Daisyland, a place where rainbows arch high above, painting the sky in a kaleidoscope of hues, and where flowers bloom in a mesmerizing spectrum of colors. It is within this captivating domain that Mark Daisy found himself, surrounded by the playful and harmonious Speaker Creatures, who share his profound affinity for sound. The pulsating rhythms and sunny melodies of “Runaway” transport you to an idyllic sanctuary of pure joy. Mark Daisy’s debut single radiates a sense of boundless happiness, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul. Prepare to be swept away by the uplifting beats and resonating harmonies, as the artistry of Mark Daisy transports you to a world in which dreams take flight and music becomes a transcendent language.

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