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House Music Essentials Vol. 16 featuring San Pacho, KC Lights, Josh Kwon & more

What better way to enter the summer than to celebrate with our sixteenth edition of House Music Essentials and let us tell you this month is truly stacked. Featuring top-tier artists San Pacho, KC Lights, Tony H, Josh Kwon, Isaac Palmer, Besomorph, Scott Rill, andrei, Tones, Purple Tones, Chris Costello, TWO LANES, Cuebrick, TeKNoNo, Martial Simon, Sak Noel, and Mike & Me. The perfect house remedy as we take on festival season, be sure to check out these heaters below. 

As we take on both festival season and the summer, We Rave You presents the sixteenth edition of our House Music Essentials featuring a wide array of artists including San Pacho, Tony H, Josh Kwon, Isaac Palmer, Besomorph, Scott Rill, andrei, Tones, KC Lights, Purple Tones, Chris Costello, TWO LANES, TeKNoNo, Martial Simon, Sak Noel, and Mike & Me. Update your playlists and be sure to hit up those festivals to see a few of these artists such as San Pacho below live in action.


San Pacho & Mike & Me– “Beat Go Bump” 

Since emerging onto the EDM circuit, Croatian artist San Pacho has helped pioneer the subgenre of Latin house. San Pacho is now showcasing his exotic sound design once again by teaming up with Mike & Me on their new single, “Beat Go Bump”. Dropped on Matroda’s prominent label, Terminal Underground, this heater will have club-goers busting moves all over the dance floor. Kicking things off with infectious layers of percussion, “Beat Go Bump” introduces funky vocal samples that are primed for the club. Renowned for his emphasis on the drums, San Pacho, along with Mike & Me, hold nothing back when it comes to this instrumental category. Throughout “Movement”, the two producers intertwine electrifying sequences of bass drums, snares, and bongos. Additionally, the song utilizes hype buildups, thrilling drops, and groovy effects to make the audience feel like they are at a venue in the middle of the jungle. Listen to the electrifying track from San Pacho and Mike & Me below.

Tony H – “Pulse It” EP

Seattle-based DJ and producer Tony H is a multifaceted artist who has made a name for himself as one of the most thrilling up-and-coming artists in the house music scene. Still riding high off of buzzworthy performances at Coachella and Miami Music Week, Tony is continuing his momentum with his latest EP ‘Pulse It’, which has been released on Gene Farris’s prestigious imprint, Farris Wheel Recordings. The title track boasts a rumbling bass groove, crisp drum rhythms, and trippy vocal samples that are sure to get listeners moving on the dancefloor. The collaborative b-side track “Body Drop” with AMP showcases a fusion of G house and tech house, featuring a lively bass line and captivating vocal samples that make it the perfect peak-time dance floor heater. Yet again, Tony demonstrates his skillful ability to combine diverse sounds and genres, providing both his loyal fans and newcomers with a remarkable and innovative record.

Josh Kwon – “Soulestial x thatDROP Mix ” 

Alongside Soulestial Records’ debut release ‘Siento’ by Spirits and Soundwaves featuring Josh Kwon, thatDROP presents their sophomore mix with Soulestial Carnival, Josh Kwon’s sunrise set during the annual Capriquarius Ball in downtown LA. In addition, thatDROP peels back the onion of a man that gives us “the gift of maximum uplift”, the Soulestial Carnival resident and future physician on the road to his debut performance at Lightning in a Bottle, Josh Kwon.
In thatDROP’s recent interview, Josh shares a little more about this set for the Capriquarius Ball that kept the partying dancing past 7 am with the rush he manufactured behind the decks, “The Capriquarius Ball is a really special annual party that is near and dear to my heart because it’s our biggest family party right at the beginning of the year where we celebrate a big chunk of our Soulestial family core, 15+ of our closest friends who happen to be Capricorns & Aquari[-ans?]. It was kind of a perfect party with an amazing vibe, small and intimate but with all the right people having the best time jamming to DJs pumping out the sweetest tunes all night on a precisely treated ChinoSound Funktion-One system.”

Isaac Palmer & Cuebrick – “Higher”

Breakthrough artist Isaac Palmer has teamed up with renowned producer Cuebrick to release their hotly anticipated single “Higher”. It’s signed to Blasterjaxx’s esteemed Maxximize imprint (sub-label of Spinnin’ Records). “Higher” is an exciting blend of slap house and big room, with an infectious melody and energetic beats that are guaranteed to light a fire within. The track features catchy hooks, pulsating beats, and soaring vocal samples that build up to an explosive drop. “Higher” is a song that is tailor-made for the clubs and is certain to pack the dancefloor for any DJ set.

Tones – “Bring Me Back” 

Arizona-based, genre-bending producer Tones is always trying to push his sound forward. Having recently made his EDC Las Vegas debut, performed at Goldrush Music Festival and in Dubai, and shared stages alongside electronic music heavyweights such as GTA and Party Favor, Tones has an expansive repertoire of dance music genres within his production arsenal. Now, Tones unveils “Bring Me Back” via Brainjack Records, a throwback club track that diverts from the more brooding styles of his previous singles into a more jubilant presentation. With layers of vibrant, uplifting synths and groovy basslines, “Bring Me Back” acutely recreates a club atmosphere and that feeling of euphoria that emanates from a joyful, crowded dancefloor. “Bring Me Back” kicks off with infectious high-hat rhythms and thumping kickdrums before introducing the track’s central vocal sample. The song then builds and drops into its infectious beat, imbuing its vintage rave atmosphere with futuristic synths and immaculate sound design.

Besomorph, Scott Rill & andrei– Want 2” (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Besomorph, along with Scott Rill, and Andrei brought the legendary Snoop Dogg onto their latest track for an incredible collaboration in, “Want 2.” A once-in-a-life-time experience, the song features a fusion of Brazilian Bass and Slap House, yet boasts a much darker and bass-heavy twist. Snoop Dogg’s commanding and intimidating vocals dominate, featuring a fast-paced rhythm that complements the pounding beat. The lyrics add a layer of depth to the song, while the overall sound is dirty and dark, making for an unforgettable listening experience. “Want 2” brings a club-ready, forward thinking sound together with one of the most famous figures in all of popular music culture.

Purple Tones – “VISION” EP

Purple Tones reveals his multifaceted house vision in the release of, VISION EP. With this project, Purple Tones aims to showcase his unique sound and artistry by seamlessly blending elements from various music genres and cultures, particularly rap and hip-hop. The EP serves as a testament to Purple Tones’ attention to detail and his passion for incorporating beloved musical influences together. By skillful sampling and reimagining elements from rap cultures and hip hop, Purple Tones creates “easter eggs” in his tracks, subtly nodding to those who are well-versed in the artists referenced.

Chris Costello – “Chasing A Feeling” EP

After sharing 3 singles over the course of 2023, “Nothing I Won’t Do,” “Never Far Away,” and “Chasing A Feeling,” Chris Costello is now revealing his biggest project of 2023 to a climax with the release of Chasing A Feeling EP. The EP shares a brand new single “Stay Where You Are,” as well as an extended version of “Never Far Away.” With the EP boasting 5 songs altogether, Costello has brought forth a diverse and dynamic amount of songs to the forefront, all of which accomplish his mission of allowing the great, time-testing aspects of progressive house to be highlighted in today’s dance music culture. Diving more into the 2 now-revealed songs, “Stay Where You Are,” starts off with an immersive and dramatic piano and vocal, getting the energy properly sizzling. Soon, electronic elements seep into the release, driving those dreamy and hopeful vibes that are intrinsic to the progressive experience. In no time flat, the drop comes and peaks the experience in a natural fitting manner. The release showcases a balance between strong production, solid songwriting, and an evolved design that upgrades the genre to modern times.


KC Lights –  “Better Times” feat. Låpsley

With Summer well and truly underway, Toolroom are set to unveil the hotly anticipated return of renowned Glaswegian artist KC Lights, as he delivers yet another classic record in the making – ‘Better Times’, featuring the stunning voice of Merseyside-hailing Låpsley. A debut collaboration for the pair, as they drop a sun-soaked, cut of Disco infused House that will undoubtedly soundtrack the long summer evenings to come in 2023. A label favourite in every sense of the word, KC Lights is most-known for his 2020 smash-hit ‘Girl’, a record you couldn’t switch off from throughout that summer, followed up by his classy cut ‘Cold Light’ the following year with reputable vocalist and songwriter Leo Stannard, who also appeared on his summertime anthem ‘Daydreamer’. If there’s one thing KC Lights can do time and time again, it’s writing infectiously catchy, timeless records that you’ll hear almost anywhere you go, from underground clubs to radio stations and beyond.



TWO LANES – “Movement” 

Known for their innovative and immersive sound design, electronica duo TWO LANES is back with their brand-new single, “Movement”. Like many of the pair’s originals, this track defies the limits of space and time, transporting listeners to an alternate melodic dimension. Wasting no time in delivering its hypnotic aura, “Movement” opens with a resonating kick drum and delicate progressions of synths. As the bassline carries on, more and more auditory elements are blended into the mix. The intricate melting pot of chilling effects and dreamy instrumental layers within “Movement” present a deep state of relaxation and introspection among its audience. Keeping things interesting, TWO LANES guides the song into a riveting drop that encompasses a gritty-sounding arpeggiator.

TeKNoNo – “Do You Love Me?” 

TekNoNo’s “Do You Love Me?” is more than just a seducing, hypnotic tech house track. It’s a deeply personal piece that represents a pivotal point in the artist’s music career and his journey as a person. For TekNoNo, music is more than just a passion. It’s a lifeline that saved him during a difficult time in his life. After a series of surgeries took him away from his beloved sport of ice hockey, he felt stripped of his identity. Music, which he had grown to love through attending concerts with his father, became his new home. It was a way to manage his pain and find peace during a challenging time. “Do You Love Me?” was created during a lonely period of TekNoNo’s journey when he was questioning his commitment to music. However, as he worked on the song, he found the answer to his question. He realized that he loved music and that it had saved his life. The track became a message to himself, a reminder of his passion and commitment to music.

Martial Simon – “MMMBop” 

One of the things that makes music so special is that it is timeless. With most trendy genres and sounds constantly changing, some artists have the ability to take classic hits and reinvent them with their own signature style. That is exactly what DJ and producer Martial Simon has done on his new single, “MMMBop”. This infectious version is a tribute to Hanson’s #1 tune released in 1997. Starting off with a blissful piano melody, Martial’s “MMMBop” instantly radiates feel-good vibes that are reminiscent of summertime. It does not take long for the energized female vocal to take center stage, singing the ever so catchy lyrics. Martial then infuses his colorful and unique house-fueled sound design, revitalizing the original version. Crisp percussion and tropical effects round out “MMMBop”, making the track a must-add to any beach day playlist.

Sak Noel – “Trueno” 

“Trueno” by Sak Noel is a captivating song that seamlessly blends class modern dance music, Tech House, and Big Room elements with the vibrant sounds of Latin music. What sets this track apart is not only its infectious beats but also its remarkable journey to viral success on social media, serving as yet another triumph for the independent label, “Barnaton.” Remarkably, “Trueno” has achieved widespread acclaim without the backing of significant promotional efforts. Renowned artists such as Diplo and Dillon Francis have lent their support to the song, recognizing its unique appeal. Moreover, it has inspired countless individuals to create their own choreographies and dances, fueling a global dance trend.



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