Kölsch Tomorrowland 2022 Mainstage

Kölsch brings melodic techno to Tomorrowland 2023 W2 mainstage with 7 new IDs: Watch

Kölsch, after playing Tomorrowland‘s Freedom stage last week, returns with heaviness for his Mainstage appearance. Read about the Danish House legend.

Kölsch returns a week later to Tomorrowland after Week 1, this time to provide guests with an hour-long set filled with heavy House to appease his non-Techno fans. Kölsch’s music is heavily inspired by his life as a young half-Irish, half-German boy living in Denmark. This messy entanglement of identity brought forth an intrinsically messy musical imprint that brings forth the energy to a crowd that is unmatched. With deep drums that pound with the rhythmic consistency of the human heart, Kölsch’s life and identity shine through his music and resonate with fans on a deeper level than most artists could even claim to achieve. With the life of a traveler and the experiences that come with it, Kölsch delivers an experience that capitalizes on the experience of the journey as being one that is vibrant and picturesque, a feeling that each track imparts to listeners.

The set presented is no exception to these descriptions, as the collection that Kölsch presents can only be described as one that takes fans on a sonic trip through art and music inspired by the world in its entirety. With his unique spin on the tracks of others, the journey always presents something new. Case in point, take Kölsch’s revamping of Skrillex and Boys Noize‘s Fine Day Anthem. What is originally a rapid-fire, feel-good anthem is completely transformed by Kölsch into a slowed-down siren song with an entrancing beat. One that calls to the crowd and invites them to utterly lose themselves in the sound and vibrations.

Another masterful piece of the set included Kölsch’s ID remix of Hans Zimmer’s beautiful work, Time from the Inception soundtrack. Kölsch beautifully reconfigures the track, doing away with the more wrenching horns in place of heavy drums and captivating bass beats. The vibe of which could put fans directly in a Christopher Nolan action sequence in some imaginative futuristic cyberpunk world. Those who want more from the set can check the setlist here, or listen to the set here. Those who want more from Tomorrowland can check them out on Youtube, or Tomorrowland’s website.



Image Credit: Tomorrowland