LEGO Pioneer CDJ 2000

Get an exclusive look at the LEGO Pioneer CDJ 2000

While fans and artists have come to recognize the Pioneer CDJ 2000s as a staple and symbol of the electronic music scene, one creator has opted to combine his passion for music with another classic image of fun and entertainment, LEGOs. Designer Tamás Borján has been designing a buildable prototype of the popular DJ equipment and is now ready to share this incredible creation with the world.

The Pioneer CDJ-2000 is perhaps the most recognizable tool and instrument in the world of dance music. Its compact design, LED screen, and jog wheel are the gateway to music around the world, occupying space in bars, clubs, and festival stages and allowing DJs to entertain a crowd with a simple USB stick. While for many, the CDJs represent an access point to a world of fun and imagination through the music, Tamás Borján saw an opportunity to create a different experience thanks to the timeless joy of LEGOs. The popular brand and manufacturer is a strong supporter of independent designers and allows for and showcases creations from users around the world via its own LEGO IDEAS portal.

Tamás Borján originally unveiled the concept for his design earlier this year, showing off a digital rendering of the proposed build. Now Borján has completed a physical build of the project and has shared some images and a short video showcasing the impressive design and function of his LEGO Pioneer CDJs. In the short clip, the active elements of the LEGO sets are on display, revealing a CD slot, removable USB stick, working fader, as well as a LED screen that interacts with the jog wheel and can be switched out to search through tracks and artists. It is an impressive and well-thought-out design, ensuring that all the appropriate details are built out to both the high standards of LEGO and Pioneer.

Check out the short clip below and head to the LEGO IDEAS page to support the project.

Image provided by Tamás Borján

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