Liaison releases groovy single, ‘Love Will Take You Higher’: Listen

Liaison, the Huddersfield-based producer, is continuing to make his mark on the electronic music landscape with his latest genre-bending masterpiece, Love Will Take You Higher. With a fearless ability to ebb and flow through rhythms and melodies, the new single transcends a variety of soundscapes across its two-minute and forty-six seconds of magic.

Opening with an angelic layer of female vocals and a steady set of chords, the track is quickly layered with a breakbeat that drives into hyperspeed, while still retaining the gospel vibe thanks to the choir of voices combining together. Meant to bring people together and uplift their spirits, Liaison has crafted a single that is filled with choirs, spoken word, and majestic horns to help fulfill his musical image.

‘I wanted to create a song that makes people feel uplifted and show some kind of hope in these weird times that were in. When I started making this track, the music I was hearing at the time didn’t lift me as much as I needed or craved, so I created something that made me feel a certain hope. For me at least. Hopefully people will connect with this song and its energy and message. And I hope it will make them realise that even in the toughest times, there is always a glimmer of hope, especially when we come together’. 

Often drawing inspiration from drum and bass heavyweights such as Pendulum, High Contrast, and DJ Marky, Liaison pushes the boundaries of the genre with melodies and voices that feel more like a Sunday Service than a dance hall. The spoken word interlude is an honest call of hope and love and further binds the message and imagination of the composition.

Be sure to check out Love Will Take You Higher from Liaison out now.

Image Credit: Press Photo Liaison | Provided by RCA

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