Jake Silva and Frankie Sims

Marco Nobel, Jake Silva, and Frankie Sims deliver new anthem ‘Bad’: Listen

With summer in full swing, barbecues, beach time, and outdoor parties are sure to be in full effect and they all will need music to set the vibe. Producers Marco Nobel, Jake Silva, and Frankie Sims have crafted an anthem that is sure to be on repeat throughout all summer activities and beyond.

The new single, Bad, kicks right off with a slick piano melody that perfectly sits underneath the smooth female vocal that delivers the melody with a tinge of Latin flavor, making it ideal for singing and dancing along throughout the tracks’ three-and-a-half minutes. The three producers involved, bring plenty of experience and success to the production, all of them have racked up fans and streams in recent years. Marco Nobel has always shown a flair for catchy melodies and tropical vibes in his work, and his contributions to Bad allow him to further expand that talent. While his work certainly brings it all together, Frankie Sims and Jake Silva have been constant collaborators, and the release of Bad is another step forward in each of their budding careers.

Having come together for the hits Waste Your Love and Feels Right, the two have formed a strong bond and understanding of each other’s style and techniques. The final product from the efforts of all three producers has delivered a feel-good anthem for the ages, a single that delivers whether it is in rotation on a playlist, blasting from the radio, or moving massive crowds at clubs and festivals around the world. As Silva and Sims continue to grow in their young careers, the addition of Marco Nobel to Bad reveals the talent and rising stars of both producers as well as the quality of their productions and writing.

Get ready to have Bad on repeat throughout the summer!

Image credit: Jake Silva and Frankie Sims press photo | provided by GetIn! PR

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