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Martin Garrix has issued an apology to Avalan over song stealing accusations

As one of the most prominent DJs and producers on the planet, it is rare that Martin Garrix doesn’t have legions of fans and followers focused on his every move and dissecting his live sets for new music and edits. Of course, with this level of fame, he also attracts many emulators who like to borrow from his catalog and techniques in helping to achieve their own success.

Last week, one of the negative impacts of superstardom was revealed when Martin Garrix took to social media to reveal that one of his unreleased IDs from a recent festival set appeared to have been lifted and released by another producer. The track in question was a future collaboration alongside Third Party and the Dutch producer shared screenshots of him calling out the culprit for the thievery while detailing how this behavior is not only unprofessional and rude but also leads to a major impact on release schedules and the business that goes into a mainstream artists and their calendar.

Within the post, Garrix also mentioned a previous track that was also lifted in the past, but it seems that this situation has been rectified. Returning to social media, he explained that he was able to connect with Avalan and they discussed the alleged track. Over a selfie, Martin Garrix shared this statement:

“Guys meet @avalanmusic…we just met and I want to quickly apologize to him for my story last week claiming that he copied one of my unreleased IDs.. it has been pure coincidence and meeting him today helped me understand how this happened. go check out his music! and who knows maybe we’ll do a song together in the future”

While it is great to see the camaraderie and understanding that prevailed in this scenario, the former track that Martin Garrix claimed to be stolen has still not been resolved.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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