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Meduza prepare to release their next hit, ‘PHONE’

Meduza, the electronic music group, has just announced the future release of their new single PHONE. Known for their deep house beats and catchy melodies, Meduza has once again created a track that will surely become a hit and get fans dancing at any show or event. This track showcases the trio’s unique sound, combining rhythms and house-like beats and melodies. Along with this, they added vocals that will pull it all together and give it meaning. You can expect to hear PHONE on July 7th, 2023.

PHONE is a song that is from a male point of view and talks about how he wants someone to pick up the phone. In this sense, it’s like this person is lonely or longing for someone. With the lyrics in this song and the deep house drops, it is sure to evoke some type of emotion in listeners. It’s a song that will make you relate to what this person is saying, and will also make you dance like crazy at the same time. Meduza does an amazing job at mixing their beats with lyrics that put the finishing touch on any one of their songs. PHONE explores a common human feeling of loneliness and how sometimes people just need companionship.

As PHONE arrives on all music platforms, Meduza’s fanbase and EDM fans, in general, will be amazed by their signature sound. Fans can expect to relate to the lyrics of this song at the same time as dancing away to the deep beats. With their ability to blend parts of deep house, progressive house, and melodic techno, Meduza continues to keep the EDM community unique. Their new track PHONE is proof that their growing skill and talents set their position as one of the more influential DJs in the deep house community.

Image Credit: Meduza (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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