ODESZA and Yellow House unite for new track, ‘Heavier’: Listen

In the unexpected collaboration between ODESZA and Yellow House, “Heavier”, fans can expect an indie-electronic blend of sounds. These three artists have joined talents to create this amazing new song. You can expect to feel like you are listening to a classic indie song, with a touch of production that makes it sound electronic as well. With their different musical styles and various production techniques, ODESZA and Yellow House gave birth to a track that is unlike anything you have heard before.

Yellow House, a rising music group, is known for its dreamy melodies and lyrics that make one think a lot about life. Their debut album, Aurora, gained a lot of recognition, which convinced fans to continue listening and enjoying their music. Combining their sound with those of ODESZA, the track Heavier was born. One can expect to hear the soothing lyrics from Yellow House combined with the production techniques of ODESZA. It opens with a soft piano and instantly makes listeners introspective. This song evokes a range of emotions, especially in the main chorus. It’s something that would be played as the very last song of a show; a grand finale.

The production of Heavier showcases the skills of both Yellow House and ODESZA. ODESZA’s signature sound along with Yellow House’s indie vibe mesh perfectly during this song. The attention to detail in the arrangement is obvious, with each part carefully placed to enhance the overall power of the song. The lyrics in this song send listeners into a state of self-discovery and various emotions. Listening to this song will set the tone for what their new EP, Flaws In Our Design, will sound like. Mark your calendars for July 21st, the day it’s released, because fans will be in awe when they hear it!

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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