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OneOdio unveils Monitor 80 and Monitor 60 headphone lines

The team at OneOdio prides itself on being a leader in high-quality production tools to help creators worldwide achieve their artistic dreams. The Chinese company has created a loyal customer base thanks to its relentless effort to improve its designs and ensure that sound is delivered at the highest quality possible.

Featuring several different lines of headphones crafted for different atmospheres and applications, OneOdio has returned with two models to represent its Monitor Series. With the release of the Monitor 80 and the Monitor 60 headphones, the company has crafted two premier options for producers looking for high-quality headphones that will be ideal for work in a studio setting. The Monitor 80 is an open-backed design that is equipped with a high-precision etched diaphragm to ensure accurate reproduction of any sound. Fitted with soft gel padding around the ears, the headphone is comfortable for even those long studio sessions and comes with two cables as well as a carrying case for the musician on the go. With a price tag of just $120.00 regularly, they are an excellent option for any musician.

As well as the Monitor 80 design, OneOdio also offers the Monitor 60 headphone, a lower-cost model, but no less powerful than the other model in the line. Users of the Monitor 60 will still experience the comfort and wearability that makes wearing them through a full session, a set, or just a day of listening to music, an effortless experience. Equipped with a dual dynamic 50 mm driver, the sound reproduction continues to meet the high standards of both the company, as well as creators around the world who rely on OneOdio products for their work.

The Monitor 60 line retails at $79.99, a savings of $20 from the Monitor 80, but both are certainly great options for any music needs. Be sure to check out OneOdio’s line of products the next time shopping for a new pair of headphones.

If you are planning to purchase these headphone, make sure you didn’t miss out on there Prime Day deals! Monitor 80 headphone has 20% off with the deal price of $74.39 and Monitor 60 will have a huge 20% deal price of $63.99. Interested in other headphone models? Make sure to check their store!

Image Credit: OneOdio

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