Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights will showcase new album on tour

EDM lovers, listen up! Pretty Lights, is all set to start a new tour that will be an unforgettable experience for his dedicated fanbase. But that’s not all; there’s an even more exciting twist. He will be using this time to debut his highly anticipated new album, leaving fans in anticipation of what they will soon hear.

For those who don’t know Pretty Lights, he is the stage name of Derek Vincent Smith, an American music producer. He gained a massive following over the years because of his unique blend of EDM, hip-hop, and soulful melodies. The decision to debut the album on tour (Soundship Spacesystem Tour), reflects his commitment to providing an unforgettable life experience. Since he hasn’t released new music in almost six years, his new album is something that many people will be excited to experience.

Pretty Lights’ shows are known for creating an intimate connection with their audience, making everyone feel like they are part of a family. The announcement of the new album following his tour has sent waves of happiness throughout social media. Fans are especially excited since he hasn’t released new music in a very long time. Former Pretty Lights member, Michael Menert was already hinting at new music on social media. Something about this screams a beautiful new beginning. This upcoming tour will no doubt be extraordinary and a night to remember.

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