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Primavera Sound Festival confirms no Madrid for 2024

Primavera Sound Festival Madrid has been in question for fans since the festival last year. Now, Primavera Sound confirms it will not be returning to its Madrid location.

Primavera Sound Festival is still going strong and will return this year to its founding home of Barcelona but will no longer take place in Madrid. Festival Director Almudena Heredero confirmed that due to complications that made Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 the most complicated festival Primavera Sound has ever had, the festival would no longer return to the Madrid location. Heredero had this to say,

Although both the city of Madrid and the whole region welcomed us with open arms, with a warmth that was mirrored in the institutions, the cultural agents and of course the audience the external difficulties that the festival had to face in the final stretch of the pre-production gave rise to one of the most complicated events that Primavera Sound has ever had to face.”

Struggles such as the first day of the festival had to be canceled due to severe weather, overcrowding on festival grounds, issues with access to water, deaths associated with Covid, and many other logistical problems could all be included in the festival’s reasoning. However, this does not mean that the festival won’t look into further ventures in different venues within Spain in the future. Fans looking for more Primavera can also find a multitude of other festivals around the world.

Though this may disappoint some fans, the festival has the overall well-being of the fans in mind. Heredero also noted,

“As a consequence, although the evaluation of the festival was more than satisfactory on a musical level. The expectations we had were not fulfilled and the experience of the festivalgoers due to several logistical aspects was not the desired one.”

The next Primavera Sound is set to return to São Paulo in December of this year. Brazillian fans and those traveling to the fest can expect a memorable time with the outstanding lineup they’ve announced. Acts like Tokimonsta, Grimes (who also recently weighed in on AI in music), The Killers, and Carly Rae Jepson ensure fans of all varieties will be more than happy with the experience. Tickets can be found on the Primavera Sound website.

Image Credit: Paul Hudson Flickr | License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)