Grimes weighs in on AI-generated vocals after musicians death

Grimes, a big proponent of AI-generated vocals, has stated that she would find AI vocals useful to revive the vocal stylings of dead musicians.

Last month, Grimes initiated a conversation about the use of AI-generated vocals and even went as far as making her own software to replicate her vocal quality that can be used by music producers. She’s been very vocal on how she believes AI-generated voices offer a certain creative quality to the music production aspect and even finds renderings of her own vocals “beautiful“. Recently, she’s taken an even stronger stance stating that AI-generated vocals could help revive the vocal stylings of dead musicians.

In an interview with UTOPIA Talks podcast the artist was asked about the ethical implications of vocal replication and who “should” be able to make the call on using the vocal software after the musician has died, she stated, 

“I would say no. But then I also feel like someone like Prince would probably be kind of down. So, I mean, if I was just making a call, I would say like friends of Prince could do it, you know, like Lizzo could probably do it, but like, I wouldn’t do it.”  She continued, “I feel like maybe that’s a reasonable way to handle it. That one’s really tricky. I really don’t know. Because, if I was dead before all of this happened, I’d really want people to do it. But I don’t know if everyone else would.”

Earlier last month, Grimes gave her blessing to use her own software to create an original song under the condition she receives 50% mastering and publishing royalties.


Image Credit: Jordan Uhl