Purple Disco Machine Tomorrowland 2022

Purple Disco Machine Takes Over Mainstage Tomorrowland with Groovy Disco Vibes

Purple Disco Machine brought his love for Disco and House to Weekend 2 of Tomorrowland, blooming the crowd for a short time with funky beats. Read about the magic of the German legend.

Purple Disco Machine is an unrivaled European legend. The recent Grammy Award-winning artist brought his signature style and flare to the mainstage for an hour of unforgettable funk and groove. The Prince and Gloria Estefan-inspired artist was raised on an 80s-centric electro-funk sound that is prevalent in all his work. This signature style brought the artist acclaim and fame ever since his rise to the popular consciousness back with his young rise to a residency at Grotte. With a career spotted with bouts of both electronic music fame and less popular jobs such as cook and elementary school teacher, Purple Disco Machine, or Tino Piontek, has taken on the challenge of taking back music from the white wave of EDM which has kept him motivated to keep returning to the music scene to bring back his golden age of music.

Now, decades later, Purple Disco Machine graced the attendees of Tomorrowland with a truly unique and unforgettable party. Beginning from the outset with a captivating Disco intro, fans were entrenched from the very beginning. With notes of Disco legends such as the artist’s inspiration of Daft Punk, classic Disco legends like Eddie Johns and Earth, Air & Fire, as well as Purple Disco Machines’ own Disco anthems like Hypnotize. Those more in-line with the modern pop sensibilities were also included along the ride with Disco remixes of hits by pop artist Lizzo and many other blends of Disco that impressed all pedigrees of fans.

With such an iconic act, it is hard to pinpoint exact moments that stood out in such a memorable set, but if the crowd’s reaction is anything to judge by, there were certain moments that brought the crowd alight like no other. The first of which is Purple Disco Machine’s smooth mixing of Daft Punk’s One More Time along with its inspiration track, More Spell On You by Eddie Johns. From the first second Purple Disco Machine hit play on the track, the crowd erupted with cheers to the horns used to transition into Eddie John’s titular track, coalescing in a crowd-wide chant to the vocal pieces of One More Time. It is no doubt to anybody who saw or heard the commotion that the mainstage crowd was in a feverish state to such a hot track mix.

Tomorrowland fans were shortly after treated to Purple Disco Machine’s most recent claim to fame, his Grammy Award-winning remix of Lizzo’s chart-topper About Damn Time which was skillfully doubled with Purple Disco Machines’ remix of Roberto Surace’s Joys. 

To close out his set, the titular artist dropped what would undoubtedly be considered one of the artist’s biggest tracks to date, Hypnotize. But Purple Disco Machine pulled no punches in closing out his set, and let fans feel every moment. Playing an extended edit of the track, fans were urged to hold on to every last moment. In a track that encouraged fans to bond together and hold those they loved just a little bit closer, Purple Disco Machine masterfully brought the crowd together in a crowd-wide sonic embrace.

For those who want to check out the setlist in its entirety can look here. Those interested in hearing the whole set can listen here. For more Tomorrowland madness, check out Youtube, or their website.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland