Sam Silver and Hefna380

Sam Silver and Hefna380 deliver hard-hitting new single ‘Choppa’: Listen

Hailing from New York City, an island known for its vast collection of cultures and artists, rising producer Sam Silver is showcasing why he is standing out from the pack with his own style of electronic music and hip-hop productions. His latest release showcases his incredible talent for studio work, delivering a bass-forward foundation to support the infectious rhymes of collaborator Hefna380.

Getting a release on DJ Bijou’s Do Not Duplicate Recordings, Sam Silver opens the track with a haunting layer of synths that invite the listener in as Hefna380 drops some ad-lib vocals over the intro, breaking up the mood before the percussion and full power of the track kick in with the verse. Building off the success of his previous singles such as Witness, New Beginnings, and Little After Sunset featuring A$AP Twelvyy and pineappleCITI, the New York City producer is letting the world know he is ready to take over. The release of Choppa continues to push the boundaries for Silver as he blends the lines between bass music and hip-hop, showcasing his wide realm of influences and abilities throughout the single.

Bringing it together is the incredible vocal delivery of Hefna380 whose confidence and bravado align perfectly with the musical foundation found in the single and will appeal to both hip-hop fans as well as the more casual dance and pop music listeners who will find that the single won’t feel out of place on their playlists or blaring from festival stages. The seamless connection between the two artists makes it easy to get lost in the vocals in the verse before being uplifted by the heavy bass production of the drop section of the single. For Sam Silver, this is another shining example of his incredible work and ability to blend genres as he continues to make his mark on the music industry.

Image Credit: Sam Silver and Hefna380 press photo | Provided by GetIn! PR

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