Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler Announces new label with release of ‘Pills’: Listen

Seth Troxler teases fans for months about a new label leaving them salivating with few details to go off of. Now, the artist returns with the opening of a new imprint and new track Pills.

In the American Acid House scene, artists like Seth Troxler are sure to be on many listeners’ radars. After a long history of co-opening and running multiple record labels, Seth Troxler first teased on Twitter that there were many things in store for the artist within the year shortly after the release of his hot collaboration with The Martinez Brothers;

New shit coming. Album , new record label , relaunch of an old one. Singles and massive remixes.

Troxler left fans hungrily awaiting further, more official confirmation, of the new record label to come. Wait they did, until Troxler changed his bio on Instagram, where just below the link to his Lost Souls of Saturn label would be added a new link to a page by the name of Slacker 85. The new link led to a new and rather barren page that announced to fans;

From the mind of Seth Troxler – this will get weird.

The page’s first upload came on July 18, when Troxler would post a reel teasing his new Acid House track Pills, the first release on the new label. Yet, the captioning of the post was still vague about the label imprint, simply restating that whatever this new label was, it was going to get weird. This time, however, fans would not have to wait long for an update as just one day later, Troxler posted again to the Slacker 85 Instagram with another reel. This new video can be seen as a sort of trailer for the label imprint showing trippy graphics set to Troxler’s Pills. Troxler’s official announcement came in the caption of this new video as he unveiled the official opening of the label;

Welcome, the playground is open. This is my latest fantasy – and my new label. My swan song, my legacy act. I’ve never had a label just for me. All my ideas no filter. No compromise. I’m sick of cool, of posture. I wanted to make something that represented me, you and everyone I know. The anti-hero, the kids who could have done it but didn’t care to try. The slacker. And believe me, this is going to get weird. A channel into my strange, dark and bizarre mind. Join me.

Now when fans went to the Slacker 85 hyperlink, they were directed to the release of the website. Presented with a 90s desktop layout, fans could choose a few options aside from the cookies and privacy sections that can be expected from any website. Fans could choose to ‘take your pills’, which would direct them to a link tree of all the different options and platforms they could access the new track through, as it premiered simultaneously with the opening of the label. What is interesting about this is he gives fans more options than just the traditional streaming platforms we have come to expect. As such, fans also had the option to purchase the song for themselves and more directly support the artist himself, rather than streaming the song for low royalties.

There is also a native music store on the Slacker 85 website itself, meaning that fans could go directly through the label for all the music released and to be released through the imprint. Any fan interested in the new project may want to check out the digital space for themselves and consider signing up for the email newsletter there. Though there may not be too much to explore about the Slacker 85 imprint at the moment, with Troxler’s excitement for the project, it can only be a matter of time before we hear rumblings of other artists coming to release their music on the label, so fans will want to stay up to date for all this Seth Troxler and Slacker 85.

Image Credit: Ben Price via Wikimedia Commons | License: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported CC BY-SA 3.0