Shouse and House Gospel Choir Unite in "Your Love" - A Gospel House Anthem. An interactive choir experience unifying ravers in collective ecstasy.

Shouse and The House Gospel Choir release ‘Your Love’: Listen

Shouse and House Gospel Choir Unite in “Your Love” – A Gospel House Anthem

Shouse has joined forces with the House Gospel Choir, creating a festival ballad. Soulful house paired with a gospel choir. This new friendship has resulted in their latest release, “Your Love.” A heartfelt tribute dedicated to their fans. Embarking on this creative endeavor, Shouse, and the House Gospel Choir`s introduction was an unforgettable experience. To begin, Shouse received an invitation to join song service at a warehouse in East London. Resulting in an inspirational collaboration recorded in days that followed. After, Shouse took to Instagram to share news of their latest release, “Your Love.” In brief, Your Love beautifully captures the essence of their live DJ performance, unanimously praised by audiences. “Your Love” preview at recent Shouse performances consistently evoke hands-in-the-air celebrations.


The introduction of “Your Love,”  a Daft Punk-inspired robotic vocal, in addition to harmonies from the House Gospel Choir added to the mix. As the track progresses the build features a 128bpm 4×4 house beat. In Key: A Minor (8a). The House Gospel Choir’s harmonies gradually build, replacing the robotic vocals as the octave travels higher.

Breakdown: stripping away the instrumental elements. Allowing the House Gospel Choir to take the stage. This phrase showcases the extraordinary wall of sound the choir is known for. The final drop is announced with a drum roll, returning house beat, and introducing digital synths. Sound design reminiscent of Mr. President’s “Coco Jambo,” bringing a ’90s nostalgic sound design detail to the production.

“Your Love” distinguishes itself from the plethora of 2-minute TikTok ‘hits’ flooding algorithmic playlists

Instead, embracing a traditional song structure. Offering a welcomed, five-minute experience. “Your Love” allows enough space for an interactive live choir experience unifying ravers in collective ecstasy. Building on the success of their 2017 breakthrough hit, “Love Tonight.” Which received remixes from household names like David Guetta. Shouse has taken their time to deliver a new production. “Your Love” stands alone. The addition of House Gospel Choir`s contribution adds soul, creating a thunderous wall of sound that fills the breakdown and enhances the build. With soulful house paired with the gospel choir, Shouse and the House Gospel Choir have created a five-minute-long church-rave-ballad. A welcomed return for music aficionados.

Image Credit: Shouse (Press) | Provided by Listen-Up PR

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