Skrillex, Tainy, Fourtet & Rauw Alejandro - VOLVER

Skrillex, Tainy, Four Tet & Rauw Alejandro come together for ‘VOLVER’: Listen

Latin Producer TAINY, surprised fans with the release of VOLVER, teasing drum and bass in the breakdown while enlisting Skrillex, Four Tet, and Rauw Alejandro for the production. The Grammy award-winning record producer Tainy has collaborated with artists Selena Gomez, Daddy Yankee, and Cardi B and now shares this extraordinary fusion of Latin pop with drum & bass.

Skrillex Tainy, Four Tet and Raw Alejandro’s VOLVER is a standout track on the new 19-track album, DATA, which sees musical-genre-fluid record producer Tainy showcasing his musical innovation and creative talent. The track opens with a plucked guitar melody providing energy that is reminiscent of Jack Johnson or Café del Mar layered onto a pulsating techno beat.

Noticeable panning and echo effects, enhance the tails of each bar. Volver Envelops the listener with an immersive audio experience. 1-beat-silence emphasizes the first kick drum of the hook. The chorus arrives with four triggers of low distorted sub-bass (heard in the current jump-up drum & bass). The breakdown features vocal repetition, an underwater effect, and a wet 174bpm Jungle phrase while the call-and-answer chopped vocals, provide an enthralling climax to the composition.

Latin lyrics of VOLVER describe a tale of a broken-hearted man expressing his feelings. Heartfelt words paint a vivid picture of the longing and desire to reconnect. Volver Evokes a sense of universal longing for love and second chances. The combination of the hard-hitting production and emotional lyrical themes helps elevate the track and ensure that it appeals to a wide audience.

The track’s unique style and sound are further pushed by the additional work and contributions of Skrillex, Four Tet, and Rauw Alejandro. While he has made a return to some of his more recognizable Dubstep sounds with his 2023 album, Quest For Fire, Skrillex is no stranger to Latin rhythms, including work on his recent track for the Fast X movie, the upbeat hit Vai Sentando.

Check out this massive new collaboration out now.

Image Credit: Marilyn Hue / Provided by Warner Music Group

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