Tensteps enlists Natalie Major for new single, ‘End Of The Earth’: Listen

With the growing anticipation for the debut album from the American Trance producer Tensteps, he continues to deliver new anthems, this time joining forces with vocalist Natalie Major for his latest release. This latest anthem showcases the vast range and style that Tensteps brings to his writing and productions.

Opening with a soft piano melody, it is clear from the start that End Of The Earth is a heartfelt work, looking to bring out an internal emotional response whether it is blaring out of the speakers of a club or heard amongst friends and loved ones gathered together. Trance music is crafted to elevate feelings of joy and love and Tensteps has crafted a single that does just that, with Natalie Major perfectly delivering every word and note to ensure maximum emotional response from listeners. The producer discussed the writing process and the joy of the final product:

“This is one of the songs I’m most proud of on the album. I wrote the entire song on piano first and only later brought in the rest of the production, and I was sitting at my piano playing these melodies and chords and sort of humming vocal melodies, and eventually the first line of what would eventually be the hook came to me. “If stars can hide our memories, we can find them…” That was the basis of the entire song. I ended up writing the entire topline in about 15 minutes. It all came so naturally, and had so much emotion packed into it. And then hearing Natalie sing it for the first time, I literally cried. Actual tears happened. She was so clearly the right person to sing this, I couldn’t believe she nailed it so well on the first try. And right off the bat when it started getting played for people in my sets and on DJ’s radio shows before the release, it became so clear it was resonating with fans the same way. It’s truly a special song.”

As the release of his debut album approaches, and fans await an official announcement of a title and release date, End Of The Earth is another excellent addition to the stellar catalog of Tensteps.

Image Credit: Tensteps/ Provided by Artist

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