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The Chainsmokers team up with Latin giants Maluma and Nicky Jam on ‘Celular’: Listen

The Chainsmokers are no strangers to collaborating with huge artists, as previously shown by their high-profile collaborations with ColdplayHalsey, and many more. They have yet again proven their global presence by working with 2 Latin music pioneers: Nicky Jam Maluma.

Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated collaboration with Illenium and Carlie Hanson, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers are showing absolutely no signs of stopping. This time around, they showed their prowess by collaborating with 2 of the biggest Latin music titans in the scene: Nicky Jam & Maluma. Together they have concocted a special collaboration titled Celular, which serves as a prime example of how to perfectly mix 2 musical styles together. Celular also serves as the first-ever Latin collaboration for The Chainsmokers.

As mentioned above, Celular combines passion, emotion, and energy with the effervescent synth-wave sounds of The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers successfully used the style in some of their previous productions, most notably in their latest album So Far So Goodreleased last year. The lyrics of the song are, of course, in Spanish but if you translate them to English, the story of the track is nothing different than a usual love ballad. It talks about the pain caused by a breakup and the longing for a loved one who is not around anymore. Nicky Jam & Maluma have done a wonderful job with their vocals, all while playing relatively safe and not breaking boundaries, lyrically and stylistically.

Celular also comes with a spectacularly produced music video. The story of the video revolves around Nicky Jam, Maluma, and an unknown older man being the finalists of a reality show. In that reality show, the contestants battle it out to earn the heart and trust of a beautiful young woman while The Chainsmokers act as the producers of the show. I will choose not to spoil the outcome of the video so watch it yourself down below. If you choose to not watch the video, the track is out on all platforms for you to listen to.

Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications

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