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The Prodigy celebrate 29 years of ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’

As legends of the drum and bass scene, the English group The Prodigy has solidified its legacy around the world thanks to its electronic punk style and breathtaking live shows. Before the group achieved global success in 1997, they released their second album, Music for the Jilted Generation, as they continued their ascent to the top of the music charts.

Before the world was enamored by hits like Breathe, Smack My Bitch Up, and Firestarter, The Prodigy was mainly an outlet for its producer Liam Howlett, who handled the majority of the writing and production on the group’s first two releases. While the eventual addition of Keith Flint would transform the group from underground legends to global superstars, the blueprint and formula for The Prodigy were already in place by the time Music for the Jilted Generation was released in 1994. The group took to social media to acknowledge the 29 years that have passed since this iconic album was first delivered to fans and the continuing influence and place that the music holds both for the group’s live set as well as inspiration for the next generation of artists.

With timeless tracks such as Their Law, No Good (Start the Dance), and Voodoo People, tracks that continue to be live staples for The Prodigy, it is clear that the group had already found a lane and vision that would endure, even early in their career. With a slate of European tour dates to fill out the rest of 2023 on the slate for the group, The Prodigy will be sure to continue to celebrate and bring life to this iconic album. While Music for the Jilted Generation may not have the radio hits that the group recorded for their follow-up album, its legacy continues to grow and evolve as fans new and old discover and rediscover the classic album every year.

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