Tkay Maidza and Flume`s Aussie collaboration has global attention.
Flume Tkay Maidza Silent Assassin

Flume supports Tkay Maidza on new single ‘Silent Assassin’: Listen

A killer collaboration uniting Tkay Maidza, the Zimbabwean-born Australian singer, songwriter, and rapper, with the Grammy recipient and producer, Flume. Silent Assassin presents an amalgamation of expertise in sound design and poetic lyricism. Tkay Maidza’s distinct flow, coupled with Flume’s experimental approach, has resulted in a track that explores old-school hip-hop and future rap.

Silent Assassin begins with a low sub-bass that mimics the sound of a fuzzy helicopter. As the song progresses, the production takes an exciting turn. The distorted sub-bass jumps up octaves dramatically, reaching a high-pitched mosquito buzz. Unconventional sounds take the listener on a rally car race. Both nostalgic and futuristic.

Tkay Maidza delivers a stunning vocal performance that mesmerizes and Silent Assassin is an embodiment of power and finesse. Her voice is perfectly tuned, exuding confidence and intensity, reminiscent of the legendary Missy Elliot and M.I.A., Tkay raps with complete control.

Introducing a soloed clap resembling the click of a finger with the high audio frequencies removed. This rhythmic element adds groove paired with Tkay`s one-word instructions.

Run it, set, ready, battle

Run in, set, ready, done

Run it, set, ready, battle

Run it, set, ready, done

Reversed audio of a trumpet sounds like an overtaking car, panning left-right and front-back. Intro hears a beeping alert. An interior car warning, jumping up an octave in the second phrase. Animative effects add complexity and curiosity. Outro features a vocal repetition mimicking the sound of a scratched CD stuck on a word. This playful element adds a touch of nostalgia and serves as a fitting ending.

Known for her visual creativity, Tkay collaborates with Lironeini to create four unique single covers. Each represents a different energy and story within the song. The artwork for Silent Assassin portrays a lone wolf, symbolizing Tkay Maidza’s strength and determination. These collaborations, build Tkay`s visual identity, celebrating her artistic vision and honoring the creatives she admires. The Silent Assassin music video sees Tkay in combat attire driving through the desert as a metaphor for ‘ready for battle.’ 

In a testament to the creativity and talent within the Australian music scene, Tkay Maidza and Flume push the boundaries of their previous work. Delivering an automotive, lo-fi experience that is both sonically intriguing and visually captivating. Tkay Maidza’s powerhouse vocals and Flume’s experimental production techniques, Silent Assassin stands as an underground club banger and incredible addition to both artists catalogs.

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