Tomorrowland 2022

Tomorrowland 2023: Exploring the Dreamlike Themes and Storytelling

With Tomorrowland 2023 set to begin on July 21st, dance music fans around the world are getting excited for both the incredible performances as well as the iconic stage design and storytelling that always accompanies this landmark festival. This year, event organizers revealed the theme of Adscendo back in December of 2022 and for the first time ever, crafted a full story to accompany the vision.

As the annual event rose to prominence in the late 2000s, organizers began crafting themes for each year’s festival, utilizing imagery and marketing materials to tie into the final stage set-ups and other on-site installations for festival goers. In 2009, as Tomorrowland put on the fifth edition of the event, organizers assigned the first theme for the festival, Masker (Mask). From there, the event would continue to apply a theme each year, with Zon (Sun) chosen for 2010 and The Tree of Life in 2011. As the festival continued to grow in popularity, both for in-person attendance as well as gathering a global audience via its live stream and digital presence, Tomorrowland would continue to develop its themes and further tie in the experience in all aspects of the event.

Following a several-year hiatus due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Tomorrowland delivered The Reflection of Love theme for 2022 and built a mainstage that matched the spectacle and vision of the festival. For 2023, the theme of Adscendo is set to kick off a new era for the event as it is the first year that a full story has been developed for the theme, as well as a limited edition hardcover book that is available for purchase for fans around the world. While many festivals boast incredible stage set-ups and fan experiences, Tomorrowland is unique in its commitment to crafting magical themes and storylines that elevate the experience for all who engage with the annual event.

With themes of survival, learning to fly, and overcoming harsh circumstances to achieve goals, Adscendo certainly offers plenty of imagination and opportunities to deliver yet another magical Tomorrowland experience for all.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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