Tomorrowland 'Adscendo: A Digital Introduction'

Tomorrowland drops merchandise in anticipation of festival

Tomorrowland posts photos of the new merch line dropping for the festival. These exciting new items are available for purchase now.

Fans eagerly awaiting the return of Tomorrowland and those who were unfortunate enough to be unable to attend the festival were surprised on July 10th, 2023 when the official Twitter account for the festival revealed new merch being released for all the enjoy and get into the spirit of Tomorrowland regardless of participation in the festival itself. The merch line is titled The Rise of Adscendo and is merch inspired by the festival’s theme this year. The post states,

In 2023, the People of Tomorrow from all over the world will gather again for an adventure of a lifetime filled with music and party. The Event T-shirt features the beautiful artwork of this year’s Tomorrowland Theme: Adscendo.

Though most themes are usually utilized to get attendees into the mood and vibe of the festival, Tomorrowland went above and beyond in bringing their theme and vision for this year’s festival to life. Releasing a full-length novel, The Rise of Adscendo, fans were transported to a fantasy land that detailed the mythology behind this year’s mainstage, letting fans in on the characters, and secrets of the Tomorrowland universe. The book tells the story of  Windrider Ro:

As a Windrider, all Ro has ever wanted to do is to fly like the other members of her family. Thanks to her love of all the birds of her world, she has an idea on how to improve the day-to-day life of her crumbling society. But while out testing her new flying contraption, danger strikes and she finds herself rescued by the most noble and most rare of all the birds. The Golden Auric… Continue Ro’s journey by reading an exclusive first-look extract and pre-order the book today to unravel the complete story.

Any excited to get into the Tomorrowland festivities should check out the beautiful merch before it’s all gone. Those who are interested in the world of Adscendo itself should consider looking into the story of Windrunner Ro and the magical world Tomorrowland is becoming.

Image Credit – Tomorrowland Press / Provided by Tomorrowland PR