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Tomorrowland Ticket Prices: Planning Your Budget for Tomorrowland 2023

Tomorrowland brings the magic for another year beginning July 21, 2023. Here’s how to get into the festival on a budget.

Though some fans who are just beginning to plan their trip to Tomorrowland may be disappointed to find out that the official tickets for the festival are completely sold out, not all hope is lost. Ticket sellers like StubHub and Viagogo still have tickets for sale but for a premium cost. Here’s a breakdown of all the options.

StubHub offers Regular Weekend passes for $ 432 USD each for the first weekend of Tomorrowland, offering the best price option for those who still need to secure weekend passes but aren’t looking for accommodations. Those who want to be more relaxed with their visit to Tomorrowland may be interested in the Comfort Passes from StubHub, the VIP alternative for tickets. These tickets cost significantly more for the weekend than the Regular passes but give complete access to Tomorrowland Comfort Zones to relax when you need a break from all the action. Each Comfort pass costs $ 1292 USD. For those who are hoping to experience a little more of Tomorrowland’s whimsicalness by staying at the festival, StubHub also still has complete packages for sale. For a Full-Madness Pass and Magnificent Green camping access, StubHub has packages for $ 540 USD per package, though there are alternatives to camping.

Viagogo offers slightly more expensive options for fans, but as we get closer to the event, tickets may become harder to come by making the ticket-seller tempting for fans.  As such, Viagogo offers a good alternative for securing tickets when StubHub sells out. Viagogo has Regular Weekend passes similar to StubHub for a slightly steeper $ 501 USD per pass. Unfortunately, Viagogo has only a single Comfort Pass for fans hoping to enjoy the extra amenities and at a significantly more expensive price point, $1583. However, they do have many options at varying prices for those still looking for tickets and camping. The cheapest complete packages to be found currently are priced at $626, but the site advertises predictions for these passes to sell out before the event. There are more expensive complete packages as well, but these have even greater scarcity. One package listed at $762 has only a single package left, another at $889 with 4 packages left, and the most expensive, $1255 package with 2 units left.

For those looking for an even cheaper option to steeper ticket sales platforms, searching out forums for buy/sell groups presents a riskier, but potentially cheaper, alternative. Such groups can be found with diligent research, but readers beware. Such means of procuring tickets are not official and leave buyers liable to scams and illegal tickets, but are available and could lead fans to cheaper tickets from other fans who can no longer attend the event.

Fans looking into tickets should also know going in the expenses of other commodities of the festival. Many festival-goers may be interested in merch, of which Tomorrowland just announced an exclusive line of festival gear for fans. The line, titled the Rise of Adscendo, includes t-shirts and a sweatshirt which go for $ 82 and $ 126 respectively. Food and drink will also be important for festival-goers and campers and will probably be the biggest source of cost for festival attendees. Those looking for alcohol at the festival will find most beers at around $ 6 per drink, with wine being a range between $ 6-$ 9. Mixed drinks average $11- $ 16 (unless you purchase a 2L drink, which will cost attendees nearly $ 80 per drink). Rave snacks usually cost between $ 5- $ 10, while full meals will cost between $ 10- $ 16 per item.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland