V4NT4 and Valy Mo

V4NT4 and Valy Mo join forces for tech house heater ‘Better’: Listen

This hot new collaboration between V4NT4 and Valy Mo titled ‘Better’ is set to light up the tech house circuit.

Multigenre artist V4NT4 – who takes his name inspiration from Vantablack, one of the world’s darkest substances – is not only looking to make people move with his music but tell a story. Reflecting a dark and deep vibe within his music, he draws from the inspirations of life to strengthen his soundscapes, and the result is something unique to say the least. Now looking to embark on a new project and chapter within his fast-growing career, he has enlisted fellow artist Valy Mo for a new single titled ‘Better.’

A track that sprinkles the feelings of hope and uplifting energy onto the lives of its listeners, ‘Better’ is the result of V4NT4 and Valy Mo working hard to deliver something special in the realm of tech house. Not only something to make listeners happy, its versatile nature makes it perfect to get the dancefloors filled, or get the festival crowds going. Driven by a confident bass line, V4NT4 wrote the music, whilst Valy Mo put his own twist on it, combining in a dreamy concoction of their signature sounds.

For V4NT4, this is yet another shining example of his multifaceted talents. Aside from ‘Better,’ he is set to release his debut album soon, and you can keep up to date with all news via his Instagram page here. Before that though, be sure to listen to the new single below.

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