Vini Vici x Reinier Zonneveld

Vini Vici & Reinier Zonneveld join forces to release ultimate banger ‘Distorted Reality’

Leaving no doubt to the imagination, iconic psy-trance duo Vini Vici have joined forces with no other than techno titan Reinier Zonneveld for the release of ‘Distorted Reality.’ “This track is a powerful fusion of our sounds and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Working with Reinier was a pleasure and we cannot wait to do it again,” Vini Vici say

With collaborations far from few in the electronic dance industry, it is always a thrilling moment when legendary acts combine their talents, and in turn, bless us all with an end product for the ages. Achieving just that, and even more for that matter, psy-trance titans Vini Vici have joined forces with no other than techno mastermind Reinier Zonneveld, and in doing so, have gifted us with the ultimate banger, in the form of ‘Distorted Reality.’ Combining their respective signature sound(s) in a manner that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds, this psy-trance and techno hybrid has arrived at the most fitting of times, with each act geared up to take over the mainstages of the biggest events and festivals worldwide.

A true testament to the undeniable musical prowess that they both possess, Israeli duo Vini Vici continue their legacy of producing heavy hitter after heavy hitter, whilst Reinier Zonneveld’s unique approach towards the techno genre, always ensures nothing less than the most captivating and highly-addictive of end products. Oozing with energy throughout, ‘Distorted Reality’ is the epitome of a track that will have anyone feeling some type of way, whilst the unique blend of sound courtesy of these legendary acts, has once again left us all in awe. Incorporating each musical element in the most immersive of manners, this collaboration is one that will leave a lasting impact on our scene for years and years to come, with the overall feel of the track offering a sensation that cannot be described unless witnessed in its most raw and truest of forms.

“This track is a powerful fusion of our sounds and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Working with Reinier was a pleasure and we cannot wait to do it again!” – Vini Vici

Destined for nothing less than the very top of the charts, ‘Distorted Reality’ will have listeners out of their seats and straight onto the nearest dance-floor in no time at all. Out now on Filth On Acid, this collaboration will be talked about on the largest of scales, so what better way than getting a taste of this ultimate hit, by checking out in all its glory below, with streaming also available on all major platforms here. One for the history books, we will be keeping a close eye on both these iconic acts and all their future endeavours within the dance scene, but for the time being, don’t forget to leave your own thoughts on ‘Distorted Reality’ in the comments section. Enjoy!



Image Credit: Press

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