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Whales drops ‘Digital Demons’ ahead of upcoming album Two Worlds Apart: Listen

With one of the most unique and inspiring back stories in dance music today, Whales has been delivering incredible productions and hard-hitting live sets around the world for over a decade. Now the Israeli producer is continuing his incredible journey with the release of a brand new full-length album, Two Worlds Apart, set to release in September.

Having just celebrated 10 years of making music under the name Whales, the Israeli producer is wasting no time in following up on his incredible F*****’ EP with 17 brand new tracks for his next album. While fans will have to wait a few months to hear the full release, Whales has shared the first single from the album, the incredible Digital Demons which features incredible songwriting and vocal work from Saphir.

“On my usual routine, I’m always on the lookout for new music and inspiration online. I love how Spotify’s Release Radar suggests songs based on what I’ve liked before, so every Friday, I check for new music. That’s when I came across “Don’t You See” by Saphir. I was blown away that this song, released in 2023, had that amazing nostalgic NU-Metal sound that I adore. I immediately reached out to Saphir, telling her how much I loved the song and expressing my interest in working together on some electronic dance music. Turns out, she had actually been wanting to explore that mix of genres for a while too. We hopped on a call, and before we knew it, we had created “Digital Demons”. Saphir’s brother even recorded some killer guitar parts for the song. We had just 10 days to finish it before my album deadline, but we made it happen! I’m so thrilled to keep discovering new musical realms and collaborate with someone as enthusiastic and open-minded as Saphir. Working together was an absolute blast!.”

While Whale’s penchant for hard-hitting bass productions remains firmly intact, the songwriting, vocal melodies, and crunch guitars provide depth and atmosphere that make this an ideal way to kick off the new album cycle. Check out the incredible single, Digital Demons below.

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