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Amp Live fuses genres and styles on electric new EP, ‘Let’s Start The Show’: Listen

With a lofty resume of high-profile productions and live performances, Amp Live has made a name for himself thanks to his incredible productions and ability to merge genres and adapt styles. Now he has returned with six brand new hard-hitting tracks on the brand new Let’s Start The Show EP.

With a line-up of incredible rappers spitting over the bass-heavy production, Let’s Start The Show allows Amp Live to seamlessly fuse the styles of hip-hop and dance music, a fitting release as the world is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop throughout the month of August. Kicking things off with Mic Test 212, Johanna Phraze opens the album as the first rapper to feature on the project and perfectly sets the stage for what is to come across the six tracks.

The Let’s Start The Show EP channels the raw energy of boom bap hip hop while infusing hard hitting wobbling basslines and soulful melodies.   Each track transports you to a sonic intersection of 90s golden era hip hop and future forward bass music. – Amp Live

The album pushes forward with more festival-ready productions as Jurassic 5’s Chali2na makes an appearance as well as Dizzle Baby, Dirt Monkey, YBGhosty, and LOUSTAR, all showcasing their unique styles and messages while helping elevate the tracks and lend a voice to the musical themes crafted by Amp Live. Dirt Monkey discussed the process and effort that the two artists put in while crafting Underground, the fourth track on the EP:

Amp and I have been making tunes together for years now , and I feel this one perfectly encapsulates both our styles. It took a while, and we’ve been through who knows how many versions but it always goes off in my sets so I’m glad it made it on the EP!

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, bass music, or just great artistry, Amp Live has delivered a powerful new collection of songs. Stream Let’s Start The Show below.

Image Credit: Amp Live Press Photo | Provided by GetIn! PR

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