ARTBAT & John Martin release ‘Coming Home’ with an exciting music video: Watch

ARTBAT & John Martin release “Coming Home” with an exciting Music Video filmed in Berlin and Kyiv

The world-renowned megastars, ARTBAT and John Martin release their latest collaborative and unique work, “Coming Home”. The single is now available to stream on major digital music services.

“We are overly excited to present you the official music video for our brand-new track «Coming Home» feat. John Martin.”, started ARTBAT in their post.

Artur and Batish, or the Ukrainian guys behind the electronic music duo ARTBAT, have now embarked on a very interesting collaboration with Swedish singer and songwriter John Martin Lindström, or simply John Martin in his stage name. Working with others is not far from them, for example, the ARTBAT duo recently collaborated with Another Life. Although the song wants to reach many, it has one mission to spread: “a message of positivity and hope for those who long to see their homes and loved ones again”. Written mainly in the Melodic House and Techno genre, the song has a very uplifting vibe from John Martin’s vocals, which most people probably remember from his hit song “Don’t You Worry Child” with Swedish House Mafia.

“We are thankful to every participant in this very special project. Thanks for showcasing real emotions, energy and hope for the best future in freedom and peace.”, added ARTBAT.

To date with the release of the track, an official music video directed by Pavel Buryak has been posted on YouTube. It is a reference to a historical event that took place in 1990. This was the moment when the “Ukrainian Wave” was fulfilled, with hundreds of thousands of citizens joining in a human chain (hand in hand), from Lviv to Kyiv, a few hundred km long bridge of friendship, demonstrating the unity and independence of Ukraine. The official video clip features a Ukrainian military officer hailing from the forces that freed Kyiv and Kharkiv from Russian occupation in 2022. The video concludes by showcasing authentic scenes of Ukrainian troops reuniting with their loved ones upon their return from the battlefield. The actors in the video clip include Yaryna Sydor, Mykola Zavarygin, Tetiana Krulikovska, Anton Svets, and many others.

The video can be watched below:

Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)

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