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Boris Brejcha & Malena Narvay drops fresh new single ‘Vienna’: Listen

Experience a new electronic music crossover between minimal techno and pop with the release of  ’Vienna,’ as German record producer Boris Brejcha teams up with artist/actress Malena Narvay to bring a new taste to the dance floors. This will be the track to turn up to. 

With Boris Brejcha’s own genre “High-Tech Minimal” performing on big stages and festivals around the world including Tomorrowland and Coachella and a vast range of discography, he is one of the main DJs you want to look out for in the techno scene. While Boris Brejcha had consistent and high-standard releases throughout the whole year, ‘Vienna’ is matched with a new music video that compliments his great production skills and creative direction together.

‘Vienna’ presents an upbeat, groovy but mysterious tone throughout its 3-minute duration. It follows through with a deep bassline quickly followed by rhythmic snare fills and tight tech house drum beats that continue to develop into the main setting of the track. Boris introduces an Accordion along with a response of Malena Narvay’s vocals repeating throughout the track. As the track continues to build up and gain tension, the second half of the drop is introduced with acid-style arpeggio synths that make the track switch up to a more rhythmical and unpredictable techno sound and feel, compared to the first half where the first drop is sounding more pop orientated but manages to bring a new style to the dance floors. This high energy continues till the end of the track where the track gets brought back to the first pop and dance setting.

Boris Brejcha proves to be one of the most innovative and leading pillars of techno music, providing one of the most interesting and unpredictable approaches to electronic music so far this year.
Stream ‘Vienna’ from Boris Brejcha and Malena Narvay Via ‘Fcking Serious’ below:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha (Press) / Provided by Listen-Up PR

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