Can’t go to a festival? Read our ultimate guide to avoiding FOMO

Electronic dance music faced a grueling start in the early 2000s. For over two decades, electronic music had slowly developed in hubs like Detroit, Chicago, Goa, London, and Berlin. However, today’s modern EDM scene isn’t about cramming into basement shows for low-production raves.

Instead, it’s all about the moniker ‘the bigger, the better’. From Tomorrowland to Coachella, massive festivals have taken the limelight. And while many early festivals, like BOOM and Burning Man, focused on sustainability, unity, and peace (along with face-melting drops), the emphasis today seems to be on selling out tickets, dressing to impress, and laser shows.

So what happens when you’re unable to make that big festival you’ve been looking forward to, when all of the outfits you’ve been putting together will never see the neon lights of the rave? Here’s our ultimate guide to avoiding FOMO when the cards are stacked against you.

Stay Connected with Virtual Activities

Luckily for those stuck at home, there are dozens of quality online activities that you can use to stay connected to your friend group. Keep in mind that these activities can be accessed straight from someone’s living room using a smartphone or a laptop, so you can reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to in a while.

But what kinds of activities will keep your mind off the festival? Let’s cover two great options that will suit different friend groups. First, considering hosting a classic game of poker. For decades, poker has been a ‘basement staple’, meaning it’s a popular choice amongst friends looking to stay in. That’s because the card game is mentally stimulating, and is also social and casual. Plus, it lets friends attempt to bluff against one another.

Recently, online poker platforms started to focus on creating virtual ‘home games’. These closely emulate the experience of those classic basement games by connecting friends via a live video chat and letting them play a game at their own pace. Plus, it includes features like player stats so you can easily see how everyone is doing.

The second option is a virtual escape room, which is a bit easier for others to join in case they haven’t played a game like Texas Hold’em before. Virtual escape rooms cover a wide range of themes, from historical to steampunk to horror. You can choose to work with your friends or battle against one another as the time runs out. While it’s not quite the same as seeing a set by Bicep, it’s a highly engaging way to pass the time.

Head to a Concert in the Metaverse

If you’ve got your heart set on catching some live music, then keep a lookout for events held in a metaverse. Already, a dozen global artists have performed on fully virtual stages for remote users, including BlackPink, Ariana Grande, David Guetta, Young Thug, and Lil Nas X.

Keep in mind that you don’t need access to a VR headset in order to take advantage of the metaverse. Most platforms can be accessed in a more limited capacity straight from a browser, or you can also watch live-streamed versions of the performance straight from YouTube or Facebook. Don’t see any cool shows scheduled in the near future? Take a look back at previous concerts—the early ones are particularly interesting.

Throw Your Own Party – Simulation Style

Don’t be deceived—there’s no need to bust out the drinks and snacks. When we say ‘throw your own party’, we’re talking about various simulation games that can out you straight into the shoes of an organizer or performer.

First and foremost, you can test your DJing skills through dedicated DJing apps, like Pioneer’s Rekordbox or the classic digital version of Ableton Live. If that sounds a bit dry or technical for you, then you can instead stick to a simulator, many of which are designed for beginners. DJ Hero 2, for example, combines the same mechanics as Guitar Hero—just for mixing songs.

However, if you’re a fan of games like Football Manager, then you might instead prefer to craft your very own EDM festival—just like an event organizer would. So, if you’ve ever gone to a festival and found a few elements lacking, or if you found the Fyre Fest debacle to be particularly disappointing, then consider playing Festival Tycoon.

This PC game lets you step into the shoes of a music festival where you’ll need to make mico-managerial decisions about the festival grounds, performers, vendors, and much more. Your decisions will affect the success of your festival, along with your company’s reputation.


Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

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