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The Chemical Brothers enlist Beck for latest single, ‘Skipping Like A Stone’: Listen

The Chemical Brothers began the excitement and anticipation of an upcoming new album earlier this year when they erected a billboard alongside the ride toward the Coachella Festival, paying homage to their past while revealing their plans for the future. As the release date looms closer for That Beautiful Feeling, the duo has shared their latest single and talked with Zane Lowe about the upcoming album.

Receiving help from musical legend Beck, The Chemical Brothers have crafted a feel-good single that tugs at the heartstrings but also demands listeners get up and dance to the pulsing rhythm. Discussing the new single, as well as the upcoming album and songwriting process with Zane Lowe, Tom Rowlands reveals some of the evolution of the single and the joy of hearing Beck sing it:

With this song, we had the bones of it worked out, and there’s a demo that must never be heard of me singing it. Or an early version of it.But anyway, he took that and he just… When you heard him singing it and then he expanded upon it, and then it comes back to you and you’re like, ah. It’s more than you could ever have dreamt of. Yeah, it’s lovely.

With the album set to hit streaming services on September 8th, The Chemical Brothers feel focused and joyful in these releases, as previous singles No Reason and Live Again have created an energy that the duo looks to cultivate when putting together a release:

Yeah, because to make an album for us, there has to be an impulse of actually wanting a reason for it to exist kind of thing. The idea of just doing another one just because you’re just going to do another one, that’s not how it is. Yeah, we are writing music and then it was a feeling of growing a collection of songs that seemed to have a similar feel, or some kind of cohesion together, and just pushing that feeling on.

Continue to prepare for the release of That Beautiful Feeling with The Chemical Brothers latest single, Skipping Like A Stone.


Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation

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